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a coil Letters to the editor | Sunday, January 8

by:Thumbs-Up     2019-07-28

Senator David leonham, let's make things clear.I do not want to be poor, nor am I proud of my poverty.However, I am not ashamed of my poverty either.Talk about pension reform if you need it, but don't try to make the pensioner feel ashamed of being poor.Not everyone has a chance to save for retirement.In my case, I worked hard until the serious illness forced me to retire early.My pension is enough to make sure my 81-square-Mi went home and completed the education of my three children, leaving me only $15,000 for the rest of the day.I am not proud of my poverty, but I am proud to contribute to the welfare system at work and have raised three children, despite their childhood poverty, who are now fully self-containedsupporting tax-paying adults.I don't want to get a pension like I don't want to raise a child with disability support.However, at that time, I will accept the pension with deep gratitude to those who have donated through taxes, so that I can live in poverty with dignity, not poverty.As much of the world gets into chaos, when people get to Mars, the federal budget may return to surplus, and now is a good time to raise the Republican issue.When the Queen shuffled from this mortal coil and Charles went to the throne as King George VII, he liked the style and I personally liked the Americans --The way the president is elected.An 18-Four-month campaignDuring the one-year term, a large number of political party conferences chose candidates and vicious TV debates.Those of us who don't like the results can make trouble on the street and blame North Korea.Australia cannot decide to vote on this.Same-sex marriage, now dead, buried and cremated.Then there is the recognition of the Aboriginal people, when we are on the radar, it seems to have completely disappeared, we can change the flag, I like a pure blue flag, there is a huge one in the middleHappy new year, long live the Queen.The new year begins again, Australia 2017, Australia's famous advertising Australia Day.I have been asked for treatment for years so I can celebrate as well.Heal from what?My humanity?I am not an Aboriginal heritage and as a fourth generation Australian I am desperate and then dream that one day they will be free to celebrate if every Australian wishes.January 26 is of great historical significance to Britain and the first nation.January 26 was the first human wound in Australia.This date needs to be changed.Our beautiful country can learn from many wounds.It is our responsibility to learn to face our demons instead of hiding behind others' forgiveness.Forgiving us is not someone else's responsibility, and contrary to the universal belief, the human spirit can thrive without the need to forgive itself or others.What a wonderful world it would be, there would be no empty Royal Council, no relentless apology from the church, the state, and the lucky state, but the first national treaty that every Australian could celebrate.I believe that the humanity and integrity of this country will continue to be swallowed up with a little less.Our past and present history, with all the inhuman efforts known to mankind, cannot destroy the great spirit of First Nation Australians.Let's feel the fear and do it anyway.Let this New Year, 2017, end the history of more than 200 years.Let's find the heart that sets our children free.
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