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best wire to use for coils How to Use a Binding Machine

by:Thumbs-Up     2019-08-13
Most bound documents last longer than unbound documents.Binding is a procedure to strengthen or decorate by binding pages and book covers together by sewing at the edge of the book or by a strap along the edge of the book.In order to improve efficiency and better finishing, the current binding process is mainly done by machine instead of manual.The strapping machine can use manual punching or electric punching.Manual punches are often used for small to medium jobs, while electric punches are used for medium and large jobs.The speed of manufacturing, the visual appeal of the finished product, and the number of pages per binding will determine which binding technology is best suited for a particular application.The electric booking machine has high efficiency and high quality.There are two ways of binding: friction type and end type.The binding knot goes around a stack of paper once, and they are caused by friction between the windings of the line passing through the top of the other windings.The binding knot passes at least once around the load and is fixed in place by both ends of the line, knotted together in a function of the end type of the knot.Another binding method includes saddle stitching and then finishing and cutting for better binding quality.The two types of wire binding used are single-loop binding and double-loop binding.A single-ring tie is also called a coil tie.It uses only one wire per hole, and when it is closed, it uses the wire coil like a spring.The two-loop wire binding uses two wires per hole, usually for calendars.Changes and advances in binding technology are producing better quality binding supplies and equipment, and binding machines can provide excellent quality in a limited time.Appropriate research can help customers buy reliable machines with ideal applications.
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