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brushed stainless steel finish snow wolf mini 75w review -

by:Thumbs-Up     2019-08-02

The Snow Wolf Mini 75 w was born in 200 W and v1 with news value.5 Box Mods from the same famous name.The brand's latest work sounds as cool as it looks, eliminating the big and bulky factor while retaining the remarkable qualities of all the delightful vape.The original Snow Wolf features are integrated in a compact device that is further enhanced with the new on-board system.The following is a careful look inside and outside the 75 W Mini vaping equipment: The Snow Wolf Mini TC box Mod design exquisite appearance box mod is crafted with advanced brushed stainless steel structure and beautifully decorated surface.Laser-The surface of it is engraved with a clear Snow Wolf sign.The Snow Wolf Mini is equipped with an intuitive OLED screen to help you customize your vape.A clear display displays temperature, resistance, battery power, output power, and voltage readings.The elegant color selection Vapers has an elegant choice, with glossy red, black, white and gold.The Snow Wolf Mini is a compact small unit that is ergonomic and suitable for comfortable use.While clicking, the button is very sensitive to reaching the settings you want.User-Friendly equipment will not have a messy menu this time.Just press the power button to start the nebulizer and press it up and down to adjust the temperature limit.Lock-In the function, hold down the power supply and lock the power supply up so that it is not accidentally adjusted.Hold down the power supply and power supply at the same time to lock your resistance.Press and hold the up and down button to switch the Mini Snow Wolf to fit the following heating elements: Ni-Power -Ti -Titanium coil.Please note that titanium and nickel coils are required for temperature control.The best setup for these wires is pre-On the new Snow Wolf chip.Snow Wolf Mini 75 w tc snow cenew GX75 chipset Snow Wolf skillfully with full-New onboard GX75 chipset.Despite its small size, the Snow Wolf Mini is still very large in performance.While 75 W power delivery is sufficient for most steam generators, advanced dual TC features and the ability to reduce the fire resistance limit to 0 give you more.05ohms.Join box mod for compatibility with Ni and Ti mist heads and power on even the most powerful tanks!When used moderately, the battery life of charging a single 18650 device is not bad at all.It is recommended that vapers always have a spare battery on hand when they are turned onthe-Go, but when you get the snow Wolf and vape around 40 W, you may not need it.Steam close to its maximum power output makes the Mini drain extremely faster.Whenever you need to replace the battery box, you can easily enter the battery box and you can easily charge it via USB.Snow Wolf mini 75 W box Mod unparalleled protection and safe peace of mind.Your vaping device prevents low resistance, short circuit, reverse battery, overheating and low voltage, while warning you when you Border with high voltage.The Snow Wolf Mini is comfortable and small, but able to get a decent power output from a single battery unit, it offers vapers a decent device at a good price!
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