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build your own rda How to Build a Koi Pond

by:Thumbs-Up     2019-07-30

Koi pond is mainly for the cultivation of koi, which is a common ornamental variety.Here are some tips for building such a pond.Unlike ordinary ponds, koi ponds must be carefully constructed to grow and maintain koi.Most ponds are permanent buildings and it is difficult to change the design or location once built.If you build the koi pond in the right way, you can save extra energy and money, otherwise it will take extra effort and money to change the koi pond.Therefore, a careful study of the location, design and purpose of the building is required.Koi carp is an ornamental variety of carp, also known as Japanese carp.This domesticated variety is usually used for decorative purposes in ponds and water gardens.Koi was developed in Japan in the 1820 s. its Japanese name is "Koi ".It is believed that this fish is a symbol of love and friendship, making it very popular among the masses.In addition to this, Koi has a variety of colors, color combinations and designs to choose from, which further increases its popularity.Goldfish are often mistaken for koi.Although both are descendants of carp, but the origin of goldfish is carp, and the origin of carp is carp.In addition, there are two hairs for koi carp, while goldfish lack this attachment.The construction of koi pond is not similar to that of ordinary pond, as the former is an outdoor aquarium specially built for koi.So be sure to build according to the nature and requirements of this fish.The pond you will build will become the living habitat of koi.Therefore, it must be able to provide suitable growth conditions for fish.First, decide whether you want to build your own pond or hire a professional.In the case of professional help, you have to choose a person who is an expert in this type of work.If you decide to do it yourself, collect as much information as you can and invest in a good koi pond kit.You should make the pond bigger as much as possible, because koi has a life span of up to 30 years.They can also get bigger.Once you have built the pond, it is very difficult to change.The Koi fish pond should be 4 feet deep.Should be dug under the frost line.Otherwise, you have to look for some alternative arrangements during the frost season.The location of koi pond construction should not be direct sunlight.In this case, shade should be provided, but avoid building such ponds under hanging trees.You can use a shade or plant aquatic plants, such as water lilies.There are many types of pond lining, such as concrete and fiberglass.You can choose any of them based on your budget, soil type and ground conditions.It is better to build this pond above the ground to avoid entering the pond with chemicals and other dirt.It also prevents Koi from flying outside.If the pond is underground, you can raise the edge of the pond by about 6 inch to avoid these problems.This level can be improved in order to get better results.You can use the net on the pond to prevent birds from feeding on your pet.In some places it is mandatory to build a fence around your pond.Filtration is very important in terms of koi pond construction.For this you can use the pool filter, Bead filter or bio filter.Make sure it's big enough to fit your pond.You will also have to use an ultraviolet sterilizer commonly referred to as a water crystal.This device helps to kill algae and other microorganisms in the pond and keep the water fresh.The last thing you need is feed.Koi needs a variety of forms of food.You must pay attention to changes in water chemistry, including Ph.Avoid the use of chlorine water in the pond.Levels of ammonia, nitrate and nitrite should be perfect to avoidxa0Sick fish.You might have.xa0Waterfall with pond.The koi pond must be properly maintained.It is very important to take care of the pond every day.Such a pond can make your scenery more beautiful.If built properly, it will last for several years.
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