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chemical etching 5 Tips to Maintain and Care for Marble

by:Thumbs-Up     2019-08-07
Marble is a beautiful natural stone with a wide range of uses.From kitchen countertops to bathroom floors, marble is a versatile stone that can be seen throughout many areas of the home.Although Marble is a somewhat durable natural stone, marble will wear and color change over time without proper care.One of the biggest misconceptions is that marble can be cleaned like other natural stones such as granite.In fact, marble is a softer stone that is more susceptible to debris, staining, and chemical etching.Therefore, it is very important to care for marble with the right product and the right method.Below, I will share with you the five ways to help sustain marble life.1.Keep a consistent cleaning schedule.One of the best ways to avoid marble scratches and discoloration is to ensure that the surface is cleaned regularly and there is no debris.It is often the friction of sand and dirt particles on marble that makes it lose its luster.In addition, marble is vulnerable to water stains, so it is crucial to wipe it when the marble surface is wet.Although there are a lot of great marble cleaners, simple wipingPutting it down with a soft cloth soaked in warm water is enough to handle the work.Don't use vinegar or other high.Clean the acidic solution of marble, as this can lead to chemical etching of natural stone.When cleaning the marble thoroughly, please consider using PH-Neutral soap or detergent for natural stone safety.If you have dark marble such as Belgian black, the acetone base is safe and very effective to use.2.Be careful before spills get dirty.Acidic substances such as soft drinks, wine and juice, if not cleaned, will cause serious damage to the marble surfaceup immediately.The acid of this liquid starts to penetrate the marble for only a few minutes, so it is better to deal with this overflow in a timely manner.When cleaning-up stain-Prevent spills and avoid rubbing or wiping.Instead, apply and absorb as much liquid as possible with a soft cloth or towel.If an oil-There is a liquid overflow on the marble and the effective mixture is powder, alcohol and warm water.3.Avoid sitting on marble or placing heavy objects.Keep in mind that marble is much more fragile than it looks.The metal of the pot bowl metal basin, even on jeans and trousers, can easily scratch the marble surface if not careful.Invest in some high quality coasters, meal mats and heat pads to ensure that heavy objects and hot objects will never come into contact with the marble surface.Some foundations can also be considered.If you have kids who want to sit down on your marble countertop, the rules are.Damage caused by deep scratches and debris is the hardest part to repair.4.Regularly Polish marble.Spending time polishing marble is a great help to maintain the life of marble.There are many polishing machines specially designed for marble on the market.Marble polishing provides a protective layerRemove water spots, stains and chemical corrosion.In essence, this investment and effort is one of the best ways to extend the life of marble.5.Repair and repair marble.In a few years, your marble may benefit from patching and repairing.Although there is a professional service to provide marble restoration, you can also invest in oneit-Marble repair or repair kit.These kits (which cost just over $100 for quality kits) include cleaning, Buffering and tinkering with marble to look like almost everything new is needed.Of course, the result will depend on the current quality of your marble.However, the more often you repair and repair your marble, the more likely it is to maintain its natural new look for a long timerun.Marble looks like a solid natural stone, but it is quite soft compared to other stones.By educating yourself about the right marble care procedures and using the right cleaning products, you can make your marble shine like a new one for many years to come.
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