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chemical etching Chemical Etching for Asset Protection

by:Thumbs-Up     2019-08-07
There is no doubt that chemical etching for property safety marking is a very effective low-cost anti-theft measure that can be applied to most businesses and IT equipment, such as computers, laptops, monitors, projectors, CCTV telephones, fax machines, photocopiers, etc.Police acknowledged chemical etching, allowing the item to be reunited with the legal owner in the event of theft and theft.Typical methods for making office and factory equipment chemically corroded for safety purposes;Starting with DIY projects, this can only be done by experienced etcher.You can easily buy Iron Chloride etching solution or crystal.You need a template, a brush, a applicator, etc.The essence of chemical corrosion is that acid burns into this nature.Iron chloride corrosion solution is a harmful and highly corrosive substance and should be used only for corrosion purposes.Eye/face protection and gloves should be worn when using chemicals.This chemical will stain clothes;Therefore, protective clothing should be worn during use.Another low cost option is to purchase a safety chemical etching kit.While they will come with almost everything you need to mark the property, you will need to confirm the amount of etching each kit will be based on the number of marked properties.Make sure you have protective glasses for health and safety.There are also some suppliers of chemical etching that also offer practical etching services.The range of chemical etching services varies from basic property etching to complete inventory ledgers and asset registers.With the latest technology, you can identify and protect your property from a variety of templates, including custom corporate images.Look at these permanent IT security-The marking template complies with Home Office safety advice.If they do not, there is no law not to use them, and they still provide a good and obvious deterrent to thieves and thieves.Insurance discounts may apply if your safety mark meets certain criteria.Asset protection has increased.The sale of stolen equipment also increases the convenience of the police or the public to establish a legal owner of the assets, thus enabling the return of lost and stolen property.Chemical etching protects valuable property such as: computers, IT equipment, and other commercial assets as they are permanently marked as tampering that is instantly visibleProof of the International Security Register (ISR), unique code and even 24/7 contact number.If this is carried out by the marking and registration service, if so, they will record the details of each property on the security and confidential database of the International Security Register.The ISR liaison line is manned 7 days a week, 24 hours a week.No answering machine or recording information.Asset management is another important aspect of property marketing.In addition to the main anti-theft function, it is also a simple but effective asset management tool.With proper management, you can control the movement and disposal of your assets.External services or asset management software can provide customized reports detailing information such as the location and value of all registered properties.By using professional asset management services, ISR can stay up to date and further reduce the risk of theftCompanies with a reputation for strict control of property are unlikely to be victims of theft.Computer Theft is as easy as possible, from desktop computers to the evolution of laptops and laptops, and the movement of high-cost it devices from offices to homes, even more so --In the office, this mobility presents a greater risk of stolen items from vehicles, hotels, airport lounges, coffee shops and bars..The large amount of computer-related losses are caused by negligence and they may not pay if the insurance company proves this.The first evidence of negligence is that there is no effort to protect or mark the property.The theft of computers could be disastrous.It's not just hardware theft, it's irreparable hours and hours of work, even confidential or sensitive material on the streets.Owners may make themselves vulnerable to extortion and other threats, which is a fatal blow not only to personal private family life, but also to a very well-established organization.As the threat of IT equipment being stolen is increasing, insurance companies are increasingly demanding visible marking of computers and other devices as a condition for ongoing insurance.What is the visible mark?Forget self-Unless it is a tamper-proof or non-destructive label or a super-destructive label, glue the label.Acid etching and UV marking are good and it is best to mark your property with DNA printingKit, these three cases.Fighting elements, fingerprints, DNA and UV markers.
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