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chemical etching metal Machining Techniques

by:Thumbs-Up     2019-08-07
Machining refers to the industrial process of cutting and manufacturing metals and other materials into predetermined shapes and sizes.The machining process is controlled with the help of a computer numerical control (CNC) software that guides the cutting equipment along the lines and arcs of a computer-aided design (CAD) drawing.Depending on the number of parts manufactured and the type of material, the machining process may involve the use of different techniques.Processing techniques can include manual processing for cutting metal plates in simple shapes such as round, square and rectangular shapes.However, this process is being replaced by automatic processing systems and processes that can cut metal plates of any shape required for different purposes.Chemical etching processing technology is mainly used to produce typical precision parts.The machining system provides great flexibility for the production of precision parts with unusual structures and metals within tolerance ranges.0005'.In addition to this, chemical etching can produce small holes and rods that are not possible with other processing technologies.Another common process is electrical wiring.Discharge processing (EDM), separating the metal from the conductive workpiece by electric erosion.In this process, the wire never touches the conductive workpiece, leaving a slightly larger path on the workpiece than The Wire.Another technology known as the phenomenon of metal stamping processing, also known as progressive die stamping or long-term metal stamping, is widely used in the production of precision parts with thickness.002' to .135'.This technology is mainly used to process typical low-cost parts forming three dimensions.In addition to this, some modern technologies are also in use, such as water jet and laser processing are more accurate and environmental friendly compared to traditional processing technologies.
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