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coil set Finding Freon Leaks In A Home Air Conditioning System

by:Thumbs-Up     2019-08-12
The upper flow air conditioner evaporator coil is usually found on the top of the gas stove.Your coil may be placed in its own metal cabinet, called a casing coil, or you may have a coil set in the metal or cardboard supply room.To find the coil, you will need to remove the cabinet screws if it is a casing coil, or in some cases you may have to cut into the filling with a metal sheet cutter.Please note that if cut into sheet metal plenary session, you must be very careful so as not to cut into any refrigerant copper tube, as there is often a very high Freon pressure in these lines.If you are going to try, be sure to wear protective eyes and gloves as Freon in your eyes burns your eyes permanently!Many people think Freon will freeze.The opposite is true.If you let freon out on the groundP.A.Violation) it will boil even at temperatures around minus 40 degrees!If you are not sure about yourself, please call a qualified HVAC company to do the job.Checking Freon leaks involves making sure there is Freon in the system, otherwise you will have no pressure to complete the inspection.This is done by applying a strong non-alkaline solution made for this purpose on any and all joints of copper, fittings, capillary tubes (do not use household products because they are ultimately corrosive ), pipe bending, metering device or T.X.V.(Expansion valve), filter, dryer or any other connection.Check the refrigerant line from the evaporator coil to the outdoor unit in the same way.Be sure to check the small capillary tube protected with black refrigerant line group insulation.Years of vibration can often lead to leakage of these tubes.A very skilled service technician may be able to seal the leak if it leaks, but it's usually time for a new coil.All pipe bends at both ends of the coil need to be checked (if you can find them ).A "check" metering device or TXV is also required.If you use a leak solution, feel free to paint and pay close attention no matter how small the bubbles look.Any bubbles are leaking and need to be fixed.
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