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coil voltage What Is A Contactor In An Air Conditioning System? A Bad Contactor Can Lead To Major Failures!

by:Thumbs-Up     2019-08-12
The contactor is defined as an electrical relay used to control the power flow in the circuit.Many people also call them relay.The relay is actually defined as a device that responds to small current or voltage changes by activating a switch or other device in the circuit.In the real world of heating and air conditioning, this means that the contactor is able to handle a higher current than the relay.Relays are usually reserved for small pilot applications.Most heating and air conditioning service technicians do not refer to the contactor as a relay.We will discuss a typical single-or double-pole contactor, just like using a split gas stove with air conditioning or heat pump in a modern home.There is only one set of contacts at the two poles and only two sets of contacts at the two poles.Many equipment manufacturers use single rods.When the Poles cut off all the power of the fan motor and compressor, the single pole cut off only half.We felt that most of the heating and air conditioning service technicians might like to destroy both sides, at least we did.In fact, there are at least two separate circuits in the contactor.(There are many circuits for some commercial contactor ).One is a low voltage coil circuit and the other is a load circuit.However, most coil circuits in household air conditioners or heat pump systems use a 24 volt coil, and some systems use a 230 volt coil in combination with a small relay for the switch contactor.These 230-volt coil systems are now concentrated mainly on old systems or commercial equipment.Before replacing any contactor, make sure the correct Coil voltage is used, otherwise it may cause the coil to burn down.The Coil voltage will be marked on a small label on the side of the contactor.The line/load circuit in the home contactor is used to supply 230 V from the load side of the line side device.In other words, the 230 V main power supply from the home power supply flows through the contacts in the contactor to the line side (compressor, fan motor and any other components) when the coil is cooled by electricity through the call of the home thermostat or cooled or heated in the heat pump.When the thermostat does not require the unit to operate, the coil is released and the contact is opened, causing the compressor and fan motor to stop.However, thousands of intermittent cycles can cause some problems.The most obvious problem is that when the contacts open and close the 230 V connection, they themselves burn out because of constant bending.In fact, the contact can be welded by itself after a period of time.These thousands of cycles also cause wear and tear on the plastic sliding mechanism.Even if the thermostat stops sending electrical signals to the coil, this wear usually causes the contact of the contactor to close.When this happens, the homeowner usually does not notice it and will soon result in a frozen evaporator coil and or compressor.When the freezing state exists, the oil in the compressor is also frozen and the parts inside the compressor cannot be lubricated.This situation is equivalent to running your vehicle without oil!Another problem with burning the contacts is that due to the contact burning, there may be a voltage drop and additional heat sent to the compressor and fan motor.In the long run, it is very cheap to replace the contactor without having to replace $1,000Compressor $1,500Before operating the equipment, the contacts should be checked every year and should usually be replaced every five years or so.
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