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etching stainless steel MMG Mining's Rosebery mine could hold darker secrets than anyone suspected

by:Thumbs-Up     2019-07-27

A deep mine at the rosbury site of the MMG mining industry may become a new home for the world-renowned study of dark matter mysteries.Professor Elisabetta Barberio, an experimental physicist at the University of Melbourne, has been looking for the Rosebury mine as a possible alternative to her underground laboratoryxa0In VictoriaProfessor Barberio says her team is looking for a place to continue her experiment with dark matter."We had a lab at the Stawell Gold mine in Victoria and then they closed the gold mine and we didn't know what was going to happen."We are looking for an option to move the experiment."The mine in Rosebury is deep.We did some measurements and the environment had the right parameters.The radioactivity is very low.Professor Barberio said that her first choice is still the Stawell Gold mine that has been built in the laboratory, but, if the mine is excluded, the University of Melbourne is very eager to continue the work.Professor Barberio says if the project is transferred to Roseburyxa0It can create many opportunities for the region."The visitor center has great potential.There will be work if we set up a lab there, which will help with education.There are many tourists coming to the (Stawell) mine.She had a good impression of the Rosebury mine."I was very impressed --It is very safe and very popular.Professor Barberioxa0A member of the center.xa0The University of Melbourne Terascale (CoEPP) is a leader in particle physics.As an experimental physicist, she helped Australia launch the first direct dark matter detection experiment.She is in charge of the SABRE project, which is looking for evidence of dark matter.The project has two locations, one in the southern hemisphere, currently in Stawell, and the other in the labatori Nazionali del Gran Sassoxa0L'Aquila in ItalyProfessor Barberio says dark matter makes up most of the universe, but scientists don't know what it is."This is one of the biggest mysteries," she said .".The nature of dark matter is extremely imperceptible.The biggest benefit is to record the fact that it actually exists.One of the most important features of this study is the screening of all background "noise" from cosmic radiation and other particles that may interfere with dark matter signals ".Because it is so elusive, the machine that detects it must get a very good buffer from all the other types of particle scaling on Earth, for example, radioactive waves (called cosmic radiation) from the sun and elsewhere ).Because the Earth's crust forms a natural barrier, the space deep underground is ideal.Professor Barberio estimates that nuclear power sources in space.The 8-kilometer deep mine in Rosebury is suitable for the so-called superLow background itemsScientists estimate thatLight matter is about four times larger than light matter, which we can detect at present.Although they believe that dark matter exists, they have never physically confirmed it.They believe it contains matter in the universe, it brings most galaxies together and plays a fundamental role in building matter.They are close to confirming its existence.An experiment in Italy found a signal that scientists thought might be dark matter, but they neededxa0Similarxa0They can confirm in the southern hemisphere.Therefore, Professor Barberio conducted a study at the Stawell Gold mine in Victoria.If the Italian study had the same results as the Stawell (or rosbery) experiment, then professor Barberio could confirm that she had detected dark matter.Such a discovery will be the first in the world.Military knife machines are very different from most machines operating in mines.Inxa0The center is a very pure sodium iodine crystal suspended in a special liquid of one and a half tons.The connected crystals and tubes are in very pure airIn turn, close copper shells in stainless steel containers filled with special liquids.This is another shield made of lead, polyethylene and water.The first challenge is to make crystal pure enough for the experiment.Once it has been proved its purity, Professor Barberio can enter the second stage of the study, that is, to place a 50 kg crystal in the shielding room.Experiments include recording each time a dark matter particle hits a crystal.Every time this happens, the Crystal shines.The light is then captured in the tube connected to the crystal, enhanced and recorded.If Professor Barberio chooses the Rosebury mine, research will begin on specialized machines.According to the minexa0She estimates what the lab needs.xa0It will cost about $5 to $7 million.When will this happen?"We will know something in the next month and a half," she said.xa0Said.
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