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etching stainless steel Secret prototype reveals what's in store for intercity rail passengers

by:Thumbs-Up     2019-07-27

Hidden in an old warehouse near Sydney Olympic ParkThe size model of the new state new intercity train provides a glimpse into the future for passengers traveling to Wollongong and South Coast, Newcastle and Blue Mountains.Over the past nine months, designers have been crawling on stainless steel carriages-some of them made from 3D printing-to fine-tune all aspects of the Interior, such as luggage storage, even the color of the seat.The first of 512 new cars will begin to replace four in the state.decade-old V-Starting later next year, set up trains on the rail line leading to the Central Coast and Newcastle.By mid-2020, the new train being built in South Korea will start to run on the Blue Mountains Line to Mount Victoria, and in about four months Lithgow will start to run, after that, on the south coastxa0Wollongong and Kima.One of the most striking features is the toilets that large wheelchairs can use, the smaller steps on the stairs between the two decks, which is easy to climb, the power points of mobile devices and tray tables.In the pastxa0Fixed seats with armrests have been incorporated into the carriage in two waysby-Like seats on V-, two formations instead of reversible seatsset trains.Internal traffic in new statexa0Documents issued under the Freedom of Information Actxa0It has been shown that passengers have a "general preference" for flipped seats ".But Andrew Constance, minister of transportxa0Don't believe-Sayyes.xa0Because fixed seats allow people to benefit from functions such as tray tables and charging points, they will be "proven wrong "."It will be a brand new customer experience-more comfortable and enjoyable-an experience we take very seriously," he said ."."This is not a train designed for 10 to 12 people --Passengers travel for hours.On most trains around the world, the fixed seat position is a common feature, and more seats can be incorporated into the carriage compared to reversible seats, which means fewer people have to stand.Becky Wood, head of the new state fleet delivery program, said she wanted passengers to notice more space and a more popular environment."We get a lot of feedback from our customers and one of the things we need to focus on is security and comfort," she said ."."We are seriously thinking about the technology and making it easy to use.Outside the train,xa0The digital screen will inform people about the location of the quiet car and which cars are fully occupied.A two-Later this year, the Blue Mountain line between Springwood and Liege will begin to upgradexa0Able to transport new trains.Mr. Constance saidxa0When the final contract is signed, he will disclose the cost of the upgrade."We have the ability to do this for the first time in 150 and we will do so.I don't understand why the people of Lisgo were denied access to the modern world --"He said.The government has set the total cost of the new train, the upgrade of the Blue Mountains Line and the cost of the new repair facility in kangjianji at $2.8 billion.Arrival of new train will allow 225 VIn the next few years, the carriage will be retired.
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