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first coil Beds - The Evolution Of Sleep

by:Thumbs-Up     2019-08-13
Humans did not sleep in bed for a while.We sleep on the top of the tree and even on the floor when we are wild people.Since then, we have evolved into very complex creatures, so we need a more comfortable way to rest.Over the years, this bed has become one of the most useful furniture in the house.Beds can be used to sleep, rest, read, sew, and even eat!The first bed thousands of years ago, the first "bed" in the Neolithic age ".They may be straw or hay on big stones.On 3400 BC, King Tut of Pharaoh of Egypt had a bed of wood and gold, while ordinary people slept on the palm bow hidden in the corner of the room.The first real deluxe bed came with the Roman Empire.All the wealth of the emperors was acquired in a bed decorated with gold, silver or bronze, and the mattress was stuffed with feathers, Hay, wool or Reed.The Romans were also the most discoverers.Famous water bed.They would lie in the cradle of warm water until they were almost asleep and then carried to another cradle with a mattress next to them where they would be shaken to sleep.The modern bed, the dark era came, and the mattress followed.But the arrival of the Renaissance later made the bed more delicate.They fill the rough tick worm mattress with pea shells, straw or feathers and then cover it with rich velvet, brocade and silk.In the 16 th and 17 th centuries, the mattress was placed on the grid of the rope.This is the expression of "Sleep Tight" because the tighter the rope, the more comfortable the bed will be.In the 18 th century, with the use of cotton-filled mattresses, the iron bed structure was invented.Together, the two inventions provided an almost wrong one.Free sleep environment.At the time, even in the most luxurious beds, bed bugs were considered completely normal.In 1865, the first spiral spring bed structure was patented.The innerspring mattress in 1930s was introduced into the North American market together with the soft cushion foundation.Since then, they have become dominant competitors in North America.Japanese sofa in his 40 sThe US market has introduced a bed called "Mattress.Due to its practical utility, it has been greatly hit.Foam rubber mattresses and pillows in their 50 s entered the bed, introducing a modern water bed in their 60 s.Adjustable beds are also popular among consumers.1980 modernization in the endI was fascinated when the hoverbed exploded into the market.This practical item is used heavily when camping or traveling.In the 1990 th century, space once again became a big problem, as in the 16 th and 17 th centuries.Two queen beds sold more than two queen beds.Now, in the 2000 s, we had a very good mattress.Let the future be in front of us.With all the techniques in our hands, the bed can be another extension of the human body.We have a bed now.In the "memory foam" of TV, computer, video game, tray, adjustable tilt angle, reading body shape to fully meet orthopedic needs.The most luxurious option today is the pillow mattress, which has an extraThe buffer layer is soft.Everything is for the best bed!
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