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glass laser engraving machine Tips on Engraving Glass

by:Thumbs-Up     2019-08-06
Glass carving is not a new carving process.For decades, most people have carved glass into hobbies and ways to make money.But now the times have brought us a better way to practice the art of glass carving.No matter what method you choose to use, the pleasure of creating a great work is pure happiness.Here are some simple steps for you.In the first step, you must select the glass object to be carved.The average choice is glass, or even a vase.You can also carve photo frame mirrors, town paper, key chains and windows.As long as it is glass, you can engrave it to create its own unique look.Step 2, you should decide which templates you will use.Then, place the template you are using on or behind the surface of the glass item you are using.Make sure to be accurate in the right place.After that, paste the template in the appropriate position using transparent tape.Before you do this, you need to make sure that the glass is cleaned.If the glass is not cleaned at first, you can also inadvertently engrave dirt into the glass.After that, you can prepare the working space.Lay non-slip material in working face.This will allow you to work without the glass slipping.Depending on the size and shape of the glass shape you use, you may need to use the clip to keep it stable.You must be careful not to use too much pressure when clamping, so you will not break the glass.To protect the eyes, mouth and nose, wear dust cover and goggles.If you think the spinning tool will bother you then you can use the optional earbuds.In the last step, the glass item pasted with adhesive tape, and then the template is drawn with wax marks on the outer surface to be carved.After you test the rotation tool to find a comfortable speed, use it to start engraving on the pattern line you draw.It creates glass dust, so often wipe the glass with a wet rag when cleaning the surface.You can continue to drill the holes and then keep wiping until the design is complete and the engraving is done.
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