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glass laser engraving machine What Is Laser Engraving?

by:Thumbs-Up     2019-08-06
A laser, which is the first letter of acronym word, which is emitted by the excitation of radiation, and is a highly focused monochrome beam, it can be used to change the surface of the component color or to evaporate the material by laser ablation to produce deep engraving.Laser parameters and positions can be precisely controlled to provide high contrast marks in the form of bar codes, data matrix codes, and logo graphics.If the surface is painted or anodized, the surface can be accurately removed using a laser to form a contrast.By selecting a translucent substrate for contrasting colors, such as graphics on the car dashboard and aircraft cockpit controls, backlight can be performed for night and daytime readability.What materials can be marked?All metals (precious and non-precious)Most plastics, glass and many ceramics can be marked or etched.Use: With the increasing demand for more personalized products for jewelry, many jewelers are appreciating the benefits of laser and its ability to carve.By using lasers, engraving tasks such as inscriptions, textures, or etching can be completed with more precise control and design flexibility, and excellent results can be achieved with little training.The early laser engraving machine was very expensive, far beyond the scope of independent retail jewelers to consider buying.Advances in technology and lower prices make the choice more affordable, allowing jewelers to serve as in-house personnelCustomers who use desktop equipment can choose a house.Laser engraving machine manufacturers have developed some very professional equipment for jewelry applications.They have designed accessories that can engrave the inside and outside of the ring, and also created machines that can engrave the inside of the watch, Bell cover and bracelet.Curved surface is not an obstacle to laser engraving machine.Many manufactured components need to be marked or branded in the form of serial number, product code, data matrix and barcode, logo, serial number and product code.Components that meet EU standards require CE marking, and many components require traceability.Laser Marking information like this gives a non-Disruptive, permanent and aesthetically pleasing solutions.Parts can be marked directly, which can be useful where labels must be avoided.Almost all industrial sectors have already benefited from laser technology, and a quick look at what the room will almost certainly find with laser marks.
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