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how does the coil work How to Replace an Ignition Coil

by:Thumbs-Up     2019-07-30

Although replacing the old ignition coil with the new ignition coil is the work of professionals, it can also be done by amateurs.All you have to do is strictly follow the instructions mentioned here.Induction coils, also known as spark coils, convert the low voltage of the car's battery to high voltageThe ignition plug ignites the voltage required for the Spark, which in turn starts the vehicle.It is an important part of the car battery ignition module.When this coil is worn out on a daily basis, it catches fire, causing a waste of fuel and you may not be able to start the car.Therefore, it is necessary to replace it in time.To put it simply, the ignition coil is a power transformer that helps to transfer the current from the car's battery to the earbuds to help the car start up.Depending on the model of the car, there may be a coil in your engine.Changing the ignition coil is the job of a professional.If you want to try the job and it is the first time to do so, then it is better to have the mechanic handle it for you.It is not easy or easy to repair a car at home.If something goes wrong, you may have more serious problems.In addition, the cost of cleaning up this mess will be higher.But please follow these instructions if you find yourself capable of undertaking this task yourself.1.The first and most important thing is to find the negative battery cable in the car engine and disconnect it to avoid electric shock.2.Find the coil that needs to be replaced.Check the engine carefully, otherwise you may change the engine in very good condition.3.Once found, the next step is to unplug the connected electrical connector.After the electrical connector is unplugged, disconnect the spark plug.Remember to tag the wires before disconnecting them so that once the task is completed you can reconnect correctly.4.The next step is to remove the old FireWire.To do this, you need to loosen the holder Bolt and then slowly remove the coil from the valve cover.5.Compare it to the new coil to make sure the old one is replaced with the correct one.6.Insert the new coil into the valve cover correctly and skillfully.Make sure you don't damage it while doing it.7.Reinstall the valve in the holder and securely secure it with bolts.8.After properly connecting the holder, reconnect the spark plug wire and the electrical connector.Since these wires are labeled before they are disconnected, reconnecting them should not be a problem for you.To avoid complications, it is critical that all wires are connected to the right plug.9.The last step is the reconnection of the negative battery.Start the car to check if it is on fire.When the engine works, you will know that your work is successful.These instructions should be sufficient for replacement.The most important thing to keep in mind here is that it is a challenging task that requires only those who can understand the work of the car.Please consult an expert if this is your first attempt.Like all other car parts, it's quite expensive to replace the ignition coil.These coils can also be bought cheaply online, but it is highly recommended not to do so.When you buy coils online, you deprive yourself of the opportunity to thoroughly check the coils.You can check the coils in the store before buying the car parts.If you buy directly from the dealer you bought the car from, they may charge you more but guarantee the quality of the product.Don't want to buy cheaper varieties.Replacing damaged coils is critical to eliminate the risk of engine failure and ensure smooth engine operation.Be smart and invest in a good coil.It's always better to leave the technical stuff to the respective experts.Don't try to replace the ignition coil yourself unless you have some expertise and knowledge in this area.Completed by a mechanic to ensure good engine performance.
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