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how does the coil work how transformers work -

by:Thumbs-Up     2019-08-03

When the current passes through a long hollow coil, there may be a strong magnetic body inside the coil, and there may be a weaker discipline on the outside.Traces of the magnetic field pattern pass through the coil, spread out from the end, and pass through the sphere outside the door and at other waivers.These are not the actual strains like the ones you draw with lead.They are the lines we imagine, like the lines in the comics, showing samples of the magnetic discipline: the path in which iron samples can be magnetized through magnetic fields.The most powerful department, the most focused is the crowded line.With a hollow coil, the strain forms a complete ring.If there may be an iron in the middle of the coil, it will be magnetized and even if cut, it seems to make the magnetic field more powerfuledge is on.The middle of the iron of the transformer is usually a complete loop wrapped around the coil.One is connected to the power supply, called the "primary coil ";Another power supply for the load, called the "secondary coil ".Because of the magnetic inside the first coil today has been running around the ring.The first and second coils can be wound anywhere on the ring, because the iron combines the magnetic modification from one coil to the other.There is no electrical connection between the two coils.But they may be connected by a magnetic field inside the center of the iron.Although there is an ordinary modern-During the day of the primary stage, the secondary stage has no effect, but if cutting-Edge in number 1 is being converted.Transformation of modernizationInduce e within one day of the primary stage.M.F.In middle school.If the secondary circuit is connected to the circuit, there may be a process that goes with the flow today.A step-The down transformer of 1, 200 opens the primary coil connected to 240 V.C.Will produce 2va.C.Across a ten-Turn the second level (equipped with the least loss of strength) and light the 2 v light.A step-The up transformer with 1,000 activates the primary feed through 200 V.C.And a 10,000-The voltage of 2,000 V a will be provided.C.The middle of the iron itself is a rough secondary (like a flipped coil), and the current adjustment of the primary causes a small circular voltage inside the core.Iron is a conductor, and if the middle of the iron is solid, the indicated voltage will power the secondary current (called "vortex") wasted in it.So this center is made with very thin sheets that are clipped together, and the surface of each sheet is covered, making it a terrible conductor.By looking at the edge of the center of the transformer, you can see the edge of the paper.Chris Burtenshaw suggested that the following website say: "It is followed by a huge circuit that can expose the magnetic curves (B/H) of the materials in the middle of different Transformers or inductors ).
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