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how does the coil work Ignition Module Problems

by:Thumbs-Up     2019-07-30

The problem with the ignition module is a common problem for most cars.Let's discuss the possible causes and troubleshoot them.Ignition is an important component responsible for turning on/off the primary current generated by the ignition coil.The module consists of sensitive electronic components placed inside the control module sealed plastic housing.The current is ignited by the control module-Fuel mixture in the combustion chamber.This triggered the ignition of the car.But like any machine, the ignition module is also easily worn out and requires regular care and maintenance to avoid problems.The ignition problem is the reason that hinders the performance of the engine.When you fail to start the engine after speeding up or repeatedly trying, the sudden flameout of the engine is some of the main signs of the problem.Here are some reasons for the frequent flameout of the engine caused by the ignition problem: trouble shooting is the next task to be done after identifying the problem.Therefore, it is important to understand the work of the ignition module before starting to troubleshoot.The module receives signals from the crankshaft sensor.These signals are converted into digital format and entered into the host control.The host control determines the engine timing of the ignition, generates the ignition sequence, and returns it to the ignition module.Now, the module ignites the primary coil by introducing high voltage into the secondary winding to ignite the spark plug.Most ignition problems are easy to avoid.Cleaning of dirt and fuel varnish on airflow sensor wires with aerosol electronic cleaner is an effective way to standardize ignition operation.The use of non-adulterated gasoline and regular tank cleaning will help the ignition to work properly.So far, we all know that turning on the ignition switch will transmit the digital signal from the sensor to the distributor in the ignition coil, which will start the ignition of the ignition plug.Therefore, since the rapid and complex process of this module is not visible to the naked eye, it is better to leave it to an experienced mechanic to replace it.But this activity can be done by yourself if you are not keen on pinching your wallet.Let\'s see how!I hope the above article can help you understand the main ignition problem of the car and how to solve the startup problem of the car.I believe you are half a mechanic by now!
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