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how much does stainless steel cost How Much Does Your Air Compressor Cost You in Electrical Energy?

by:Thumbs-Up     2019-08-11
Have you ever thought about what is the electricity charge for running an air compressor?Read on and we will show you how to find the answer.Before we see the cost of power, let's see how it's measured.When you buy gasoline, they charge you a gallon.When you buy power they charge you with kilowattshour (KWH).When you use 1000 watts in 1 hour-That energy unit is called kilowatts-hour.An hourly kilowatt is often referred to as a billing unit for electricity companies to provide energy to consumers.Once you know how much you spend on electricity...You can then look at options that help reduce these costs and save money...You can measure your savings.Seven Steps to calculate the power cost of running the air compressor: Take these three steps to calculate each KWH (KWH) we will use some common examples to help you understand how this works) 1.Find your power utility bill for the facility where the air compressor operates and find your total payable on your utility bill.2.Find the total kilowatts used from your utility bill.Use this formula: Total KWH = KWH cost example Used by the total amount due usefd: total amount due Ex: $300.The total KWH used at 00: 2500 due amount divided by the total KWH used at $300.The a-2500 of the month is used = month.Result 12 per kilowatt: your cost per kilowatt hour is $0.12 cents in the next 4 steps (you will use your per kilowatt hour cost in the next Formula )-Let's calculate the power cost of running the air compressor (we will use some average examples to help you understand how this works) 4.Determine your total horsepower (total horsepower) using the following formula: Motor data board HP (for example: 25HP) X 110% = (27.5 HP) Note: most air compressors @ Max PSI use 110% of the rated horsepower.Calculate your annual running hours: number of hours running per day X number of hours running per week X number of hours running per year = total time the device is running for one year.(Example: 10 hours a day × 5 days a week × 52 Wks = 2600 hours) 6.Find your motor efficiency (EFF): motor efficiency can be found by percentage on the motor data board.(Example=.90%) is the ratio of input power minus output power.7.Use this formula: total HP x.746 * x years working hours compressor running x KWH cost motor efficiency = annual electrical cost of operating air compressor using the example we give...You can see how to calculate your annual electricity bill: 27.5 hp x.746 * x 2600 hours x $.12 Ã.90 = $7111.Operating the air compressor is $87 a year. For example, the annual Electrical Cost of compressed air = $7111.87 * Note: "Where is it ".746" come from?The mechanical energy converted to 1 HP requires 746 watts of electricity per hour.KWH = the cost of electricity per 1000 watts per hour.KW per horsepower =.The most likely thing is 746 watts.Your air compressor has a lot more electricity than you think.There are ways, however, to significantly reduce these costs and save money.In today's economyIt's worth studying energy.saving options.Learn more about how to save power costs for air compressors.
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