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how much does stainless steel cost Just How Much Does a Wind Turbine Cost?

by:Thumbs-Up     2019-08-11
By listening to customer problems, wind experts quickly distinguish well-educated customers from novices.Of course, everyone wants to know how much the wind turbine will cost, how much it will cost to generate electricity from the wind turbine, how does this cost compare to fuelBurning generators, and how long it will take for wind turbines to pay for themselves in reduced utility bills.But only beginners ask this question directly.Well-Educated shoppers have learned that, like most things, simple questions about costs --A simple answer."So, how much does that wind turbine cost?"How much does a wind turbine cost?Our Wendy Smith repeated the question."How much do you have?"When his potential client looked at his poker face doubtfully, our Wendy Smith laughed.For a wind turbine novice, the problem seems to be somewhere between ridiculous and interesting.The problem seems entirely reasonable for our wind craftsman, because the first rule of wind energy states, "the bigger the better."How much does a wind turbine cost?Again, our windsmith highlighted the issue, "Well, with wind energy," explained our windsmith, reassuring his novice client, "You can make your towers and generators big and powerful, and it costs up to millions of dollars to run your wind turbines.I guess that's not what you think, but I have to tell you that with wind, you will get what you pay for and you are not going to save money in a cheap way."The wind craftsman who senses US gave-Joking and working towards the bottom line;His clients are very concerned about him."With wind, you can achieve a huge economies of scale," our windsmith reintroduced the idea of "The bigger the better."Treat it as a hardand-Fast Track: rising cost of wind energyAs effective as your towerThe size is increased and the scan code is expanded.Our windsmith gave an example.The height of your tower has doubled, and your generation has increased between 10 and 20%;The height of your tower has tripled and your production has increased by 50 to 60%.With the increase of height, the output increased geometrically.Again, every additional scan increases the output in geometric series, reducing the cost per kilowatthour.Increasing each turbine blade by 1 feet will hardly increase the cost of construction and will fundamentally reduce the cost of power generation.Considering the maintenance cost of the wind turbine during the working life, the wind-Power planners can easily balance the slight increase in construction costs and the significant savings in repairs and replacements.Upgrade the unit blade from stainless steel alloy to carbon-For example, ceramic composites add thousands of dollars to the cost of each bladeBut the performance of composite blades will be ten to twenty higher than that of steel blades, and their service life will be twice that of steel blades, since they will not be fatigued.The US and Canadian governments offer huge tax incentives and other financial "considerations" for people and companies seriously building wind turbines ".Use of subsidies, tax breaks and recordsLow interest rates, will-Maybe builders can build a community.The larger wind farm only costs 40% of what it cost a few years ago.The supply and demand curve is no longer normal, which is conducive to builders who are ready to break ground immediately --As they say "get the shovel ready ".
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