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how much does stainless steel cost Metal Annealing for Steel: Frequently Asked Questions

by:Thumbs-Up     2019-08-11
Annealing makes the metal more resilient and increases its tensile strength by eliminating internal stress.The effect of annealing is especially valuable in steelAn alloy for supporting structures such as vehicle frames and bridge supports.If you think metal annealing will benefit your company, but you have questions about its application in steel, the answer below will help.What is the process type for annealing steel?Steel can be annealing in many ways.One of the most common methods is to perform process annealing in one of the two temperature ranges: above 720 degrees Celsius in the ferrite range and below 720 degrees Celsius in the ferrite range.The rapid softening of steel is made of ferrite.The Ferrite range is used to make it as soft as possible and involves a longer heating process.Another way to treat steel is bright annealing, reducing oxidation by placing steel in a vacuum or atmosphere --A controlled furnace like a hood annealing device.This method is used to annealing stainless steel and provide it with a commercial grade surface.What type of heating equipment is used for annealing?Most steel alloys require heat from industrial annealing furnaces.Because the quality of the Annealing metal depends on reaching the appropriate temperature and holding it for a period of time, the type of heating equipment required by the metal is usually specific and cannot be replaced.What is the "atmosphere" of steel annealing?Atmosphere refers to the process of eliminating the inner furnace atmosphere of carbon removal, that is, reducing carbon in metal.For this purpose, different atmospheres are used to preserve different grades of steel.For example, different atmosphere is required for medium steel, steel alloy and carbon steel.Normally, the atmosphere is a mixture of nitrogen and natural gas, nitrogen and hydrogen or nitrogen and cracked methanol.Bell annealer is an example of a stove that maintains a specific atmosphere.Must the life of the steel exceed one annealing?It depends on how it is used.Steel that does not often encounter high stress is rarely reusedannealed.For example, there is no need to reinstall the steel structure construction beamHowever, engine components and pressure bearing parts such as tractors are usually treated with annealing.For parts that continuously accumulate "stresses" that may cause cracks or breaks, restorative annealing is recommended.Can annealing save costs?Yes.It helps the company save money in at least three ways.First, it can extend the life of the part by increasing the extension of the part and reducing the stress.Second, it can re-process used parts so that they can be used in new assemblies.Third, it can prevent catastrophic scenarios caused by metal breakage, such as car accidents, bridge collapse, and broken traction devices, etc.How much does annealing steel cost?This depends on the process used, the number of pieces repaired and the price of the metal handling service.For accurate estimation, please contact the metal processing service.
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