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how to build a coil Making a Coil Mug With a Clay Extruder

by:Thumbs-Up     2019-08-12
Winding is the oldest art technique of clay pottery.Until today, the vessels made by ancient ceramic vessels and the original culture have been created by building a layer of clay coils and smoothing them together.Making coil cups is a good introductory lesson for primary school students on the basics of ceramics.It gives them the opportunity to experience the feeling of clay, how to work and shape it, how to decorate it and how to ignite it.At the same time, this coil mug project can stimulate students' creative impulse and become a source of pride and self.Confidence, as well as creating a gift item that is useful and appreciated.Once the basic technique is mastered, students can use it to make many different types of pottery from small coil mugs to large vases.Coil cups and cans can be made from any type of clay, including pottery clay, air-dried clay, and porcelain soil.First, take a handful of clay and then roll back and forth on the desktop with both hands to produce the coil.Alternatively, you can use a clay extruder to ensure a uniform thickness and square instead of a circular or other cross-section.If the coil is rolled by hand, roll until a long thin coil with a thickness of about 1/8 "to 1/4" is obtained.Take a piece of clay, start the spiral, and continue winding the coil to create a disk of the same size as the finished Cup.By rubbing your fingers on the surface of the clay, lubrication with water if necessary, smooth the coils of the disc together, then flip the disc and smooth the other side.Start laying clay coils around the bottom of the disc, and as the mug height grows, smooth the inside of the mug to form a piece.Continue construction-Until the mug is as high as you want.To finish the work, flip it over to the towel and tap gently on the top for leveling.To make a handle for the Cup, push out or squeeze out the coil and bend it into the desired shape.When the cup and handle are leatherHard score the end of the handle and the place on the Cup to which the handle is to be connected, apply the note in the scoring area, and then gently press the hand on the Cup.Then cover the Cup with a piece of plastic and let it dry slowly.When the bones are dry, bisque ignites the mug to 06 06.Use a non-glazed mugToxic glaze for tableware.You can then draw the pattern on the Cup with a glaze pencil, crayons or chalk as you wish.The mug can be unglazed but will be very porous.Then ignite the mug to Cone 05 to fix the glaze and design.
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