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how to engrave metal Where And How To Get Rings Engraved

by:Thumbs-Up     2019-08-08
It depends to a large extent on the type of ring you want and the type of engraving you want.My first suggestion is to find the ring (maybe a regular band?) you like.When you go to the jewelry store, ask them if they do the carving.If this is what you want, ask them if they do "inner ring engraving ".Carving outside is another option.Ask them what kind of carving service they offer.Few people will provide "hand-carved", that is, when each letter or symbol is hand-cut using a tool called a sculptor, this deeper, more novel work is done.In the shop I 've worked in before, the sculptor has only one of 4 people doing this old fashioned craft in my state.As for the price, hand engraving can be $120 when the machine is working probably only around $20.Machine engraving is usually charged by letter after the minimum charge is met.To find the ring, you just have to go around.I suggest a minimum of 14 k.This quality of gold is durable and overall much better than 10 k and cheaper than 18 k.If for some reason you prefer sterling silver, keep in mind that the wear and tear of silver will be faster and it will be more difficult to keep the gloss and Polish.Silver will also stain some people.You may see that other types of jewelry at lower prices are filled with gold and gold plated.There is also something called vermeil.Filled gold is like a coin, like "25 cents", and it's all explained by looking at the 25 cents side.Did you see the shiny surface of the coin?Look at the edges and you will see a darker, copper layer.The filling is a layer of gold on another metal.The next layer is brass like metal, which loses its luster.Once the ring goes through the gold layer, there is nothing to do but throw it away.It cannot be saved.Gold plating is brass-like metal with thinner gold layers.Think about this costume jewelry.Vermeil is sterling silver with very thin gold plating on the surface.Vermeil cannot fix or resize as any work removes very thin gold layers and the rest is sterling silver rings without gold.Sterling is a cost-less method than 14 k gold, but the ring cannot be sized if it has a "anti-discoloration" coating such as rhodium plating.If you choose this metal that looks good but needs regular cleaning, the average pound is the best.It depends on you!Before buying the pound, ask if the ring has a plated surface like rhodium.If the clerk doesn't know what you're talking about, you can try it somewhere else.Your question is general and I can only give general instructions.But I know where you came from.If you haven't done this before, it's not easy to buy this stuff.All in all, these are things to consider: Ask the jewelry store if it is clean and check your jewelry (the most basic service) for free ).Try to understand the services provided by the store.This service should be provided by most people.It takes very little to clean up and repeat business for customers.Ask if they support their service (repair work ).Ask if the engraving was done "at home" or was rented out to someone else.In fact, it is not uncommon to go out to the farmers, nor does it mean that the jewelry store has a black logo.They should have a jeweler repair and adjust the size of the ring in the store.Even if the jeweler sells the carving, they should be on the spot.Try to have an overall impression of the store staff looking for people who are really interested in your business and they seem to know what they are talking about.Generally speaking, the attitude and knowledge of the sales staff is a direct reflection of the way the management and store do business.Would they be happy to help you even if you didn't buy it?Will you come back to them?Look for clues like this and try to feel the way the store treats its customers.The customer is not always right when you ask about the jewelry and any services they offer, which means asking for honest and clear help.Ask them if they can do machine engraving or hand work.Machine engraving is like doing it in a small shop in a mall, selling and carving things like charm.The mechanical machine is used to copy the shapes of letters on the main mold board and scrape these shapes into the jewelry.Machine engraving is good, done right, looks great and doesn't wear out for a long time.The manual work is different. it cuts deeper and lasts for a lifetime.Each piece of handmade work will show the ability of the sculptor, so if you choose;Please see some samples first!As for the jewelry itself, you just have to go around and see the weight, thickness, etc.The price of the jewelry and compare the price from one place to another.Look for a good surface treatment on the surface of the ring.Avoid any small pits or marks.This can be hard to see without very careful observation.If you have a chance to want white gold, it is simple gold, add another metal, such as nickel, to make the color whiter than yellow gold.Karat is more important than color.The start time is 14 k.This is my suggestion.Combining ability with quality.If you see more expensive platinum, keep in mind that platinum will not remain shiny like gold.Platinum is an excellent jewelry metal, but it does get dim very quickly due to the properties of the metal.The high gloss on platinum is hard to get and will not remain highly polished like gold (regardless of the color of gold ).
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