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how to etch stainless steel osha issues final rule on slings, shackles -

by:Thumbs-Up     2019-07-31
Since July 8, 2011, OSHA has updated the sling regulations in the general industry (1901 ).184) and construction (1926.251).According to the memorandum of the Association of Crane and Rigging professionals, a summary of key changes is as follows.Complete adjustments can be viewed at: the load capacity table for the sling has been removed from the rules.The table previously specified in OSHA is based on 1971 ANSI b30.The standard is now outdated.Outdated forms are being replaced by a request that prohibits the employer from loading slings that exceed the recommended safe work load, as shown in the identification marks that are permanently pasted.The employer must now use only slings and shackles cuffs with permanent fixed identification marks to show maximum load capacity.In the past, wire rope slings did not need to be done.The crane hotline asked John Sabah about Terry Driscoll.He is a professional rigging supplier with offices in both Illinois and Missouri as he views the new rules."The maintenance of the wire rope hanger label should have long been the same as the chain and the synthetic hanger for easy. and replacement," he said .".From a practical point of view, Driscoll believes that the rigging store may be trying to find the perfect wire rope rigging label that can withstand the working environment."Whether the label is aluminum, stainless steel, Tyvek, RFID or synthetic, it is very difficult to create a" permanent label.Heavy, of course, but permanent?"The end user can continue to be compliant after the sling leaves the sling store.Driscoll advises users to establish a processLabel the hanger after checking."Checking the sling properly should be as important as looking for a label on the sling," he said .".He also suggested educating fitters to avoid labeling ends with slings.However, when labels are inevitably damaged or fall off due to normal wear and tear, end users should add labels to the toolbox to prevent downtime or fines.Speaking of foot shackles, Driscoll said that most reputable manufacturers have etched or embossed capacity information for a period of time.The bigger problem, he says, is that end users are on the lookout in this area to make sure the marks on shackles are still visible.* Articles from wwwliftandaccess.Technical Service Co., Ltd., Is the leading supplier of crane electronic control system service and maintenance.
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