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how to etch stainless steel recharge your mobile from the top of mount everest …

by:Thumbs-Up     2019-08-01
Hello, adventurers, fearless Earth Explorers, environmental champions, how are you going to pay tribute to those places on Earth that are rarely visited?Did we catch you in planning an adventure, go to the center of the Amazon rainforest to find a real giant water dragon fish, or did we stumble upon your plan, keep your footprint at the highest point in the world?No matter what your schedule is, we will assist you in your preparation.If you are one of the bold adventurers who have recently returned from conquering the permanently covered Antarctic and Arctic regions, you will not need any such help (sleeping in the snow with husky during lunch) or perhaps one of those who recently climbed out of the vast maze of underground caves located inside the Earth (revealing important clues about the mysteries behind the creation of our planet, instead of mentioning a discovery that made Verne proud: the route to the center of the Earth ).However, with all due respect, this article is not suitable for them.For those of us who are about to take the first step in exploring the world and test their unparalleled survival skills in the wild.For them, we like to point out the importance of some of the essential elements, from newbies to experts, which each explorer should not only be told, but also carry with him: (1) compass: unless you are a bear disguised as a traveler, we recommend that you do not use your nose to find the nearest barbecue, thus finding civilization.Although the bear's sense of smell is very keen, the human sense of smell is also very keen.So be careful and have a good compass at hand (all experts do) to find a way out.Also review your knowledge of the stars;It was something that the ancient sailors came out of their predicament.Of course, if you are rich, you can also try the satellite navigation devices we see in the movie (2) the knife to survive: you may think you are a lion with claws tearing steel, but nature does not really create you in this way.So don't lose your stainless steel survival knife.Not only can it help you to do the chores of the camp more effectively, but it can also help you to do the chores in a lot of stressful situations, including cutting vegetables (3) flashlights: when you are in the wildIt's good to be afraid of darkness.Keep the flashlight off.It will also allow you to find a great place to relax yourself in the middle of the night instead of (4) hydration packs on camping gear: water packs, you can carry more water than a water bottle-considering that there is no water dispenser outside to provide you with fresh water, we sincerely urge you to bring a hydrating pack tied to your back (5) first aid kit: scratches, bruises, insect bites, snake venom, Pygmy darts or more common sprained ankles, before you arrive at your nearest Medical Unit (6) phone, the first aid kit will get you through anything minor: the phone recharge is a clever creation due to the coverage and mobility of the phone.Not only can you use it to keep in touch, but you can also use it to access the Internet.Now, we hear people can do it from the deepest jungle, or even the top of Mount Everest.This brings us the most important thing to remember when exploring the journey, that is, the last point (7) collaborative charging: If you have mobile internet access, you really don't need the first five basic items, only the 7 th.Seeing the phone will not only help you call mom and tell her that you conquered Mount Everest, but will also ask you to helicopter rescue immediately after the first few hours in the wild.In this case, you should realize that while you are in a hurry to access the great unknown, you forget to charge your phone enough to call, you can access synergyrecharge using any of your remaining phones.Com for Airtel recharge, Vodafone mobile recharge or any cellular connection you may have.Synergy Recharge is a great option for online mobile Recharge, especially when stores that recently offer Recharge facilities are far from mainland China.Synergy: it's your strength to enjoy life now!!
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