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how to polish stainless steel to a mirror finish Tips and Tricks to Polishing Stainless Steel

by:Thumbs-Up     2019-08-10
This is the difference between man and boy, finished product and unfinished product.However, this also requires a bit of skill.It took me many years to polish the stainless steel.There are several different types of finishes.What I will talk about is the end of your fourth place.This is basically the finish from the mill with grain.It's easy to copy if you have the right finishing tools.When you go to the kitchen of the restaurant, you can see the end of this type.Let's talk about the tools we need.One of the first things you need is a variable speed grinder with drum wheels or pneumatic wheels.Die grinder with different carbide burrs.Finger file is basically a mini portable sander.These are the basic tools needed to complete stainless steel.I will discuss some other professional tools later.Now suppose you just weld a stainless steel sink on the table, or better yet, you just weld a corner seam on the plate pit table.Since your process is going to be slightly different, I will look at both issues carefully.Whenever you finish the internal welding in the corner, the first thing you have to do is smooth it.Restaurants don't like to see any welds as bacteria grow in ripples and are easier to clean.Everything in contact with water or food must go well.Now the first thing I did was take my mold grinder with a small round carbide Burr on it and I gently shaped the weld.I will not rotate it at the fastest speed, as it will burn your part.I just wanted to take out such a small amount of material and make it smooth.Pay special attention to the edge of the weld, because you will see a line when you grind the weld.This must be integrated.The pressure I put on the drill bit was minimal and the rotation speed was also very low.Once I have formed where I can't see the edge of the weld or any ripple, I switch to the cartridge roller.This is basically a roll of sandpaper that has been rolled into cones and glued together.You have to have a tree planting pole that it will screw.I grind the roughness from the carbide burrs with 120 sand and mix it together.I stayed in the corner.The less you wander, the less you have to clean up.You just want to work on the weld and nothing else.These cartridge rolls will not last long.They are consumed very quickly, especially if you really rotate them at a fast speed.The Weld looks very good after the cartridge rolls.It should be smooth and there is no ditch in base metal.The next thing I did was put on a new cartridge roll and then I took a nice Scottish hand pad and I tore it off a bit and wrapped it around the cartridge roll.This is just used to mix the edges of the weld and semi-polish it.It's so easy.The method is slightly different for the sink.You just want to stay on the weld.The first thing is to remove the weld and form it.For this I use a right angle grinder with 80 sanding pads.I started in the middle of the weld and formed it.I then switch to a 120 sand pad and smooth it, paying close attention to the contact position of the weld to the base metal.I didn't want to do any extra finishing, so I tried not to let the grinder slip and hit any other part of the table.Once I level it, I use a flap with 120 sandpaper.The flap disc is a series of sandpaper on a circular rotating shed.This will actually be used to place grain in metal.You just want to stay on the weld.After that I switched to a drum wheel with a medium scothbrite pad.This will eliminate the roughness of the sandpaper and start mixing the weld with the rest of the metal.Then I changed a better mat and did the same thing.This is a process that takes time and patience.Don't try to cut too many corners when doing this because it will show up.Everything on stainless steelAfter you have done some of them, you may learn some of your own tricks.Try something different!Something that works for me may not work for you.
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