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induction coil works on the principle of How Do Metal Detectors Work?

by:Thumbs-Up     2019-08-12
Metal detectors are equipment used to detect metal objects from soil, people or goods.Metal items can be treasures buried underground, discarded aluminum pieces, jewelry or valuable coins.Metal detectors meet all the needs in the humanitarian, industrial and security fields.Knowledge of how metal detectors work helps people to use metal detectors more effectively.Typical metal detectors include four main parts such as stabilizer, control box, shaft and search coil.A search coil is also called a search head, loop, or antenna.The stabilizer provides excellent stability for metal detectors in use.It is placed near the handle area.The control box is the brain of a metal detector.It consists of microprocessor, circuit, speaker, controller and battery.Shaft for connecting control box and search coil.It is adjustable and can be set at a level depending on the height of the user.The search coil detects the presence of metal components.The working principle of the metal detector and its effect on the conductive metal is very simple.The transmitter located inside the metal detector search coil uses battery power to generate a penetrating magnetic field.When it enters the ground, the metal beneath the ground is filled with magnetism.A metal object magnetized underground sends a signal to the control box.The speaker in the system control package or control box amplify the signal and the user hears the beep sound.Some modern metal detectors show the type of metal found underground.They also inform the depth of metal objects.Various techniques used in metal detectors are very low frequency (VLF), pulse sensing (PI), and beat frequency-Frequency oscillation (BFO ).Metal detectors use one of these technologies.VLF technology, also known as inductive balance, is perhaps the most popular detection technology now.It was very successful in detecting any metal item, using two coils, one transmitter coil and one receiver coil.In this case, a sine wave is transmitted with one coil and a sine wave is received with another coil.Pulse induction and beat frequency compared to VLF technology-Frequency oscillation is more complex.They can be used to detect very small objects.
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