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induction coil works on the principle of Induction Cooking It's A Kind Of Magic

by:Thumbs-Up     2019-08-12
Maybe just when you talk to a person and tell him that you did all the cooking on the induction cooker, you will be asked what the induction cooker is.A lot of people may be able to hear about it, but may never have cooked it on it, and may not even understand the rationale behind it.We can divide the stove into two categories: gas and electricity.There were 3 in the past, but now coal/wood is only used for barbecue or other types of outdoor cooking, but in daily cooking we use gas or electricity.The electric stove is divided into three sub-categories, namely :.Classic and still popular stove with coil elements.Halogen furnace.The heat generated by the induction heating device with a halogen furnace or coil element furnace is transferred to the pot, cooker, etc.etc.Then summarize these contents in the opposite way.When you cook on an induction cooker, the pot or pan generates heat.You may be a little confused when you hear this for the first time, but it is not difficult to understand.Those you understand the principles behind inductive cooking, and you experience this type of stove for the first time, and you may not want to cook with anything else anymore.The principle behind the induction cooker with a coil or halogen lamp works in such a way that once you turn on the furnace on the element (coil or halogen lamp), it starts to heat up.Whether or not there is a pot or pot on that element, it will heat up.As we said before, this heat is transferred to the pan or pan and then to the food.When you pick up the pot or pot of the element, it stays hot until you turn it off and then it starts cooling slowly, but it takes some time.When induction cooking, the element will begin to produce a high frequency magnetic field through the pot or pot.The pot or pot must be made of magnetic material.The electrical (magnetic) current of this cycle generates heat.This is the biggest difference between induction cooking and the other two types of electric cooking.Now that the pot or pot is heating, the same heat is transferred to the food or liquid inside.When you remove the pot or pot from the stove (element), the magnetic field of the cycle is broken and stopped, and the generation of heat stops immediately.With a coil or halogen sheet, you have to turn the element to stop heating, and there is no heat for induction cooking as long as there is no magnetic field circulation.When you take the pot or pot from the stove, the only heat you will feel is the heat transferred from the pot or pot to the surface of the stove, not its own element, because it never produces heat.One thing you have to remember when you want to start cooking on an induction cooker.Because the material needs to be magnetic in nature, you can only use steel or iron pans.So once you start cooking on the induction cooker, all your aluminum, copper or pyrex cookware will be eliminated.But if you are used to cooking electricity then you will find that you may not return to halogen lamps or coil elements once you cook with induction.
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