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induction coil works on the principle of The 27 Principles of Magnetic Therapy

by:Thumbs-Up     2019-08-13
Principle 1: The magnetic field passes through the body as if it was not there --Even bones are basically transparent.Principle 2: The shape of the magnetic field generated by a given device depends on the coil design.Understand the coil design of the equipment and understand the position and method of the applicator or equipment.Principle 3: The strength of the magnetic field decreases with the distance from the surface of the device.This is more important than a pulsed magnetic field (PEMFs) for static magnets.At present, it is not known what is the lower limit of PEMFs in the treatment of magnetic field strength.More is not always better.Principle 4: The clinical use time of the magnetic field depends on the degree and extent of the problem.The lower intensity field is expected to be able to compare the higher intensity field for a longer period of time in the day.Similarly, it may take longer for higher intensity work in areas where the intensity is usually lower.Principle 5: areas with greater intensity or prolonged use of many other weaker areas are more likely to lead to "deterioration ".Principle 6: let the body tell you what it needs.Each body is different.Every treatment is like starting over because the body changes at least a bit from one treatmentWhether it's because of treatment or because of external factors.If the body is easily treated, keep the duration, intensity and/or frequency of the treatment the same, or increase to the next step.If MF is not well received at any particular step, please reduce the duration, intensity, and/or frequency of the treatment.Principle 7: Staying comfortable and easy on the body with static magnets is the biggest challenge to accept use, especially those who have limited patience or lack sufficient understanding of their potential value.Principle 8: touching PEMFs is a bit like throwing a stone in a pond.After exposure, the ripple will last for a long time.Principle 9: all PEMFs will produce harmonics that exceed the frequency of the equipment used.It takes time for these harmonics to come into play.Spread Daily treatment to allow these harmonics to be best used 6-The treatment interval is 8 hours.Principle 10: the use of a single frequency for a long period of time may lead to tolerance, resulting in a "escape" or loss of benefits previously experienced.One example is that even if the rose is still there, the rose scent in the room is no longer noticeable after spending some time in the same room.Principle 11: mixing and matching energy devices or treatments at different frequencies may result in enhancement or cancellation.There is very little research on guiding combination technology.Matching static magnets with PEMFs is usually complementary.Principle 12: it is difficult to cure depleted organizations.Nutrition needs to be healthy and supplements can be very helpful.Since many MF effects are mediated by ions, especially calcium, sodium and potassium, these ions and electrolyte need to be at normal levels in the body.Principle 13: it is easier and faster to build the tissue with the proportion of mobile ions.Principle 14: MFs affects the charge of the cell membrane and the open membrane channelof all cells.This helps to rebalance and restore cell function.Restoring enough cells and tissues will play a better role.Principle 15: improve circulation through a wide variety of MFs.This helps to cure fundamentally.Principle 16: in addition to other processes, MFs improves muscle energy by means of actin phosphate.Principle 17: MFs can protect cells from injury through preventive and post-sexual useFor example, injury before or after surgery.Principle 18: treatment classes should be more intense, for example, every day, initially, until improvements are seen, then several times a week, then once a week, and then once a month.Unless the home system is used, it is difficult to do this in terms of time and cost, in which case daily treatment can be used before the problem is solved.Principle 19: MFs used daily at home can be considered as a prevention or health maintenance program.Reducing stress is useful for almost everyone.There's a lot of pressure on MFsReduce the impact.Principle 20: there is a big difference between different MF devices.These differences can be very important in what is being dealt.In different frequency ranges, there are obvious differences in the effect of the device --From ELFs (very low frequency) to VLFs (very low frequency) to microwave level frequency, RF, IR, UV range, etc.Learn about the features of your device and know what it fits best and how to use it best.Find an expert to guide you on how to use it best.Principle 21: Just because a device is not approved by the FDA does not mean it is invalid or unsafe.FDA approval does give you more assurance that the device will operate, according to a statement in the marketing literature provided by the manufacturer, as the manufacturer has been agreed by FDA, the manufacturer has provided satisfactory evidence in support of the claims made.Devices approved by the FDA usually require a very large amount of money.These approvals can only be obtained by the largest companies.Principle 22: MF sensitivity occurs at 1-5% of individualsMFs should be used with caution, and slowly proceed with increasing time for daily use and low field strength use, only very slowly increasing.Principle 23: most people feel a certain feeling when exposed to MFDifferent from peopleto-Depending on sensitivity.Principle 24: MF therapy is usually a supplement to other therapies.MFs is rarely the only way to treat a given disease.Principle 25: MFs play a role in the organization in a basic and basic way, so they can play a role in a variety of health conditions.Principle 26: MFs is useful not only for treatment, but also for health maintenance.Principle 27: If the MF system is not working, consider first whether it is used correctly before deciding that the MFs is not working.Remember the concept of layering disease.
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