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laser cut paper How to Laser Cut a Rubber Stamp

by:Thumbs-Up     2019-08-09
Many people don't know how to make rubber stamps on laser engravers, as detailed below.You can create professional stamps using your laser system.You can make interesting, innovative stamps for holidays, company logos, etc.The stamps you are going to make can be used for many applications. Set up a new page in Corel Draw that is the same size as the rubber sheet you are carving.To engrave and cut multiple stamps in one setting, measure the bottom of each stamp to find the correct size of the stamp you are creating.Design artwork using a text box, or use stamp settings to import a new file into a graphic image to print to a laser.By using the stamp setting, the laser mirrors the image to the rubber, so when cutting the rubber, it is the image you designed, if you have a low wattage system, you either have to run the laser very slowly.Make sure you have a good extraction device to remove the rubber dust on the machine as it has a very strong smell when cutting and carving the rubber.In the driver, under the grating type settings, change the "basic" in the drop-down list to "poke"down menu.This will allow you to access two additional stamp options-Shoulders and expansion.Shoulder: The shoulder setting in the print driver adjusts the side angle of the character on the stamp.The higher number of shoulders provides a wider angle and more support for the role.The following figure shows a side view of the character whose shoulders are set to 10, 25, and 50.Many users think the default setting of 25 is ideal.Widening: the widening setting in the print driver adjusts the character weight.An expanded number provides a bolder character.The following figure shows the difference of characters when the widening of characters is set to 1 or 6.Many users think the default setting of 1 is ideal.Finally, print the file to the laser.Remove the rubber sheet when you reach the depth you want.Wash under tap water and wash away rubber dust.Dry the rubber and put it on the automatic ink transfer machine. Push down the handle of the automatic ink drawing machine to the paper, and the impression should be the same as what you designed.Stamps are available now.The laser cut rubber stamp is very accurate and can be used many times, leaving you thousands of impressions.The only thing that needs to be changed is the ink pad if the impression is too light.
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