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laser cut paper Reveal Breathtaking Precision And Beauty With Laser Cut Wedding Stationery And Invitations

by:Thumbs-Up     2019-08-09
Laser cutting wedding stationery, invitations, wedding accessories and wedding gifts is one of the most beautiful and diverse wedding trends.By thinking beyond standard letterpress printing or engraving, laser cutting can show guests something truly innovative and unexpected.Add a new sense of luxury to your wedding with some laser cutting ideas below.Wedding invitations and stationery are no longer limited to ink on paper.The laser design adds three new sensesOnce the invitee opens the envelope, dimension and provide an amazing presentation.The laser-cut wedding stationery look is made by burning complex shapes into paper products or thin materials (such as wooden finishes) using a laser.This process is done by using a complex machine called a paper explosive powered by a personal computer.Laser expression stationery and wedding invitations feature a unique high-impact design that includes many additional personalized options such as initials, letter combinations, names, and more.Laser cutting has many complicated and beautiful details and you will make your guests full of praise for the incredible beautiful invitations they receive.A fixed laser expression is a classic example of "less is more."By incorporating delicate laser cutting details into the wedding invitation, you can layer the colors and designs to get an incredibly unique, complex and stunning look.You can even create separate designs for different parts of the invitation letter or stationery, such as laser-cut monogram on the front of the invitation letter, with laser-cut coverage on the inside.Because there are so many shapes of laser expression die-cut cards, they can be used to reinforce a large number of wedding-style themes.Not only is the invitation card design, but it can also be used for almost all aspects of the wedding, including free local cardsStanding signs, wedding decor, wine charm alternatives, box packaging, etc.Decorating the dut with a laser creates the atmosphere, reflecting beautiful and interesting shadow patterns on the table top, especially near the candle.We have seen laser-cut card shapes with leaves, butterflies, Adirondack recliners and baroque frames of different shapes in lavender, pastel colors, white, ivory, black and Tiffany blue.You can even find laser-carved glass snowflake tea light holder, ideal for adding instant warmth to winter wedding decorations.These frosted glass brackets with silver interior laser engraved snowflakes create a beautiful glowPut them on the table at the ceremony, reception and wedding.Why not pack the laser-cut personalized monogram Baroque box on your new shared initial package to add glamorous luxury to your wedding discount box for each guest?They add personal elegance to the box that says "thank you for sharing this time with us all your life."Or surround each guest's name with a precisely cut wooden rack to let them know where they will be sitting.To find another interesting option for wine charm, consider hanging a laser expression die-cut card on all wine glasses with a guest's name on each card.There are some shapes in these laser die-cut cards like Rose, Haitang, three-color flower, Daisy, peony, Shell, starfish, seahorse, Hummingbird, Dragonfly, butterfly and so on.They also have fun colors to match your wedding theme such as Tiffany blue, black, white, light pink, ivory and lavender.Most importantly, they are twice as attractive as wine and place cards!Don't you like traditional wedding cakes?Get a picture, symbol, or phrase that is symbolic for both of you, laser cut on thick card paper or light wood.This is not only an interesting twist of tradition, but also a sweet souvenir that you can frame or show later.You can also have special wedding decorations specially cut for your wedding laser, which can be placed on the table or hung throughout the venue.Lasers can be used to cut complex designs into almost any material, so the only limit you use at your wedding is your imagination!The still laser expression is both modern and interesting, elegant and relatively cheap.Laser cutting design usually requires a longer lead time than ordinary inkPrinting accessories, so it's a unique look for your wedding stationery, invitations, and d…©Cor, which creates a wonderful atmosphere, now considers the ultra-modern and exquisite look of laser cutting!
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