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laser engraving service Converting a Photo For the Laser Engraving

by:Thumbs-Up     2019-08-08
The laser engraving machine can engrave the photo into almost any material.You can carve metal on a rock or wood.You just need to convert your photo before you carve it so it can be carved correctly.You must make sure to use crisp, highResolution photos to get great results.You also need a graphic editor for converting images.Step 1, you have to scan the image you are going to engrave.The scanner is not required if the image is from a digital camera;You just need to import the image from the camera into the computer desktop.Step 2, you need to open the graphic editor and then import the image.You can open the image by simply pressing ctrl o.After that, you have to resize the image, and you can use the anchor points around the image until the image size fits for engraving.Then you have to click, anchor, point, and you also have to drag in or out in order to make your image bigger or smaller.To keep the same proposition, you should hold down the "shift" button on the keyboard when you adjust the size.For the next step, you can change the image to gray-Scale color format.Refer to the graphics editor's instructions on how to do this, because each program has various ways to convert images to grayscale.The last step, you can save the image.You can press ctrl s ".And name your image and click the File drop-down-down menu.Make sure the image is in JPEG format.This is available for engraving systems.
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