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laser engraving service Laser Engraving

by:Thumbs-Up     2019-08-08
Laser engraving is a technology that uses laser technology to engrave, mark or etching any object.People engrave things for many different reasons and purposes.This method is more popular than other engraving procedures because the results are very clean and precise.The method of laser engraving can be very complex and technically strong, involving the exposure of objects to laser light.The machine used for laser engraving mainly has 3 parts, namely, laser, controller and surface.The beam is emitted from the laser and the controller tracks the pattern to the surface.The laser is very powerful and can not only be carved, but also cut if necessary.Plasma cutting and woodcarving is a technology that can be carried out with the help of high technologypower laser.Printing on disposable cups, plastic bags, candy bar wrapping paper and milk boxes is done by a method called "flexo printing", which is carved in laserIn most cases, laser engraving is used for "laser-Like alloys and polymers.Wood products are a very beautiful and well-known art that is carried out with the help of laser engraving.Here, the 10-watt laser power is enough to carve on hard wood such as oak and mahogany.Acrylic plastic and plastic sheets (soft beverage bottles) are also usually engraved ).By means of conduction, with the help of laser engraving, the coating can be removed from the metal.Thanks to the process of laser engraving, the diamond has been brilliant.
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