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laser engraving steel Laser Engraving Vs Traditional Etched Engraving

by:Thumbs-Up     2019-08-08
You and your spouseto-Pick out your brand new wedding bands and you're ready to personalize them by carving each other a special message inside the ring.But you don't know what type of engraving you should get.Do you know that the most famous jeweler offers traditional etching engraving and new laser engraving?Traditional engraving is a way to be carved from the beginning of time, by carving or etching your personal information on the surface of the ring.This is the same type of engraving you see on the trophy and plaque.This technology is very simple.It includes the use of a needle-like object made of very hard material, usually hardened steel, scraping your carvings on your wedding band.Although many jewelry Chambers tell you that this carving cannot be done on tungsten wedding rings due to the fact that tungsten is too hard, it is not true at all.If the traditional engraving machine has a diamond pointed needle, it can be carved on the tungsten belt, because diamonds are the hardest substance on Earth, which means they can scratch anything.Learn about laser engraving technology and provide the jeweler with laser engraving for customers.Although the laser engraving or marking machine has been in existence for decades and has been applied in many industrial applications, it has not been applied to jewelry until recently.The most common type of laser for laser engraving is the Yttrium aluminum Garnet stone (YAG) laser.YAG is an abbreviation for the type of crystal that this laser uses to focus the beam.To carve, the laser basically burns your information to the surface of the ring.This type of engraving can be safely used for all types of metal from soft gold to extremely hard tungsten.A great advantage of laser engraving is that it allows the selection of more types of fonts, which can engrave almost any symbol or picture.Which carving lasts longer?The durability of engraving outside the ring depends on the durability of the metal itself.On softer metals, such as gold, the ring will be scratched and the engraving will wear out over time, but on hard metals like tungsten, the engraving will not wear out, because it's hard to scratch the ring.No matter what metal you choose, the engraving on the inside of the ring will not wear out, as long as you put the ring on your finger.This means that your skin is harder than metal, which is impossible.Over time, wearing a ring on the necklace can erase the engraving on the gold ring.Which carving is easier to read?Laser engraving is easier to read because the laser burns the metal and darkens the metal, so it stands out more.However, this is not to say that traditional carving is hard to read.The traditional carving is deeper because it is engraved on the ring, so the depth makes it readable.Which is the more popular engraving type?Traditional carving is often more popular with customers who buy rings made of traditional metal, such as platinum, palladium and gold.This may be because people are used to seeing wedding rings and traditional carvings made of traditional metal by their parents.Customers who buy alternative metals such as tungsten rings prefer laser engraving because their wedding rings are made of new metal, so they prefer new engraving techniques.There is no right or wrong way to carve your ring.It all comes down to personal preferences and we are proud to offer you the best choice for you.
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