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laser engraving steel The Advantages Of Using Laser Engraved Metal Promotional Pens For Promotional Gifts

by:Thumbs-Up     2019-08-08
High quality promotional pens have long been a great way to express your gratitude to your valued customers and staff.A top flight metal pen personalized by engraving will be appreciated by anyone lucky enough to receive it, and with the advent of laser technology, the cost is no longer as high as before.Laser engraving involves focusing a beam of concentrated light (laser) on a point on the pen barrel so that it will penetrate the surface to a predetermined position.The laser then evaporates or removes a layer of metal using a computer-controlled guiding system to track the desired image, like this.There are two kinds of laser engraving technology: vector and grating.Vector Technology is the place where the laser tracks the image, just as it draws the image on the object to be engraved, useful for reproducing complex lines, but not very good at filling in large areas.The raster method scans from one side to the other to create an image because it moves on an object, like a head on an inkjet printer, making the filling of a large area more successful.Since most logos are made up of solid areas, the types used for brand items are often set in bold, Raster engraving is the most popular method.The polished metal pen looks very attractive when carving, but when the pen is carved through a matte coating or a colored lacquer, the effect becomes even more stunning, revealing the shiny metal underneath.Many metal pens are made of chrome-plated brass base metal, and the effect of carving these pens is that the contrasting brass color will be displayed in the engraving area, resulting in a very elegant pen.In addition to the high quality look of these pens, laser engraving will never wear or rub like a brand that uses a printing process.This means that the pens will look the best for a long time, and the recipients will be more inclined to take pride in them and seek supplements to extend their useful life.All of this is good news because after the event it will make your brand work for you for a long time.As you can see, although laser-engraved metal promotional pens are a little more expensive than other types, they will prove cost-effective in the long run.
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