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laser engraving systems laser engraving: reaching new heights -

by:Thumbs-Up     2019-07-31

In manufacturing, one of the most important uses of laser is laser engraving, which is basically the technology used by laser to mark or engrave any object, such as metal parts, beams, and even some specially designed alloys, such as polymers and some new metal alloys, which have been developed, so that they can be carved on it easily.The main advantage of this is that there is no actual physical contact between the engraving position and the surface on which the engraving is based, which helps us to avoid any danger of bit or surface corrosion, in addition, this process helps to carve the surface in an undisturbed manner, that is, the engraving is hardly shown on the surface, which is not the case in the case of the use of metal bit engraving.A good problem is the cost of introducing this technology, in the long run, the cost will be much lower because they don't need to be replaced regularly like metal drill bits, if the production scale is quite large, that could prove to be a big cost center.The best thing about this technology is that it can become very precise in the engraving process, in fact, there is a special laser table for this precise and complex work.A very complex device that includes a laser fixed at one end of the table, and then it fires the beam onto a pair of mirrors so that it can be deflected to cover the actual surface of the table, then focus the beam with a specially designed lens, which helps to make the overall engraving very complicated.1.Any natural material such as wood, leather, etc.In this type of engraving, a very low-intensity laser is used as a high-power laser engraving to destroy the material and one needs to know that the maximum limit for this engraving is usually 10 watts.2.The plastic surface is also a few substances that can be carved, because the use of plastic is very extensive, so we can use it widely to make batch numbers and other marks for objects.Metal parts are the basic materials to start the whole engraving process;In this case, the laser system used is usually a very short wavelength.
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