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laser marking stainless steel using marmorino plaster? avoid making these mistakes!

by:Thumbs-Up     2019-08-01
Dual Marmorino is a paint or plaster.It consists of alumina and is mainly used for exterior and interior wall decoration of buildings.Marmorino plasters can be done in a variety of ways to get a variety of final effects of gloss, satin and matte.Its use dates back to the Roman era.However, around 500, they became popular during the Renaissance in Venice.Marmorino is made of putty and marbles.It can be colored easily, which makes them available in a wide variety of colors.It can then be used on the wall to produce a variety of effects, from natural stone to polished marble.Although its use began in Italy, it spread like wildfire and is now being used worldwide!There are many companies in London that specialize in marmorino plaster.Stucco Veneziano guarantees the ecology and the best quality plaster to refresh your house and office.They believe in providing services at competitive prices and give maximum attention to customer service.Various mistakes often made when using Marmorino Plasters: There are two Marmorino plasters on the market.They are called Marmorino fine-grained Marmorino.Marmorino Fine is usually applied in the same way as any Fine polished plaster.However, the application of the latter is a completely different process.Here are a few common mistakes made when applying marmorino plaster: 1.Oil-based primer: use of conventional latex and oil-When the first coating is applied, a primer-based investment will result in a large amount of working time.This material will not be able to remain on the surface of the primer and must be treated with a spatula for a longer period of time.Finally, after so much effort, the finish will gradually fall off.Special primer containing silica can be easily fixed on the initial coating.Therefore, it takes less time to level the first coat.2.Spatula usage: If you, like in the case of Venetian plaster, apply the textured Marmorino plaster with the same spatula, the final look will be very flawed.It will eventually leave a lot of scratches on the finished surface.The suitable spatula for this work is the Leppato stainless steel spatula.It will allow you to smoothly apply the first coating in a compact way and then the second coating without having to roll the grain.3.Smaller amount: If scratched and extremely uneven finished surface, applying a smaller amount than required will eventually leave a lot behind.The final result will not be pleasing to the eye.To avoid this, please use these materials generously.Let the coat dry a little before you flatten it.4.Flatten the second coat: Another common mistake that is often made is ---People tend to flatten the second coat immediately after it is applied.Doing so creates a mess that is a complete waste of time.Allow the second coat to dry to a certain extent and then do the extra take off that may be required.This time, however, the juice is squeezed out of Marmorino using less material.Thanks to the beautiful end result, Marmorino plasters are widely used.It can completely change the look of your home or office at any time, giving a feeling of elegance.Since it is quite labor intensive to apply it, it belongs to the highend market.Therefore, it is extremely important to follow the right steps and avoid making such mistakes.
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