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metal panels April 30, 2018: Your say on Anzac Day, Legislative Council, and Civic Square

by:Thumbs-Up     2019-07-29

ANZAC Day is taken for granted to be put on hold and sad for all those killed or hurt by war.I humbly suggest that we be angry too.Angry at the ban on nuclear weapons and weapons of mass destruction.Angry enough to end all the warsPeace in the world will bring such a huge dividend.War is not inevitable, nor is militarism glorious.If we are to avoid World War III, we must learn that there is no hostility, no war --making and war., April 18).I don't understand what the Minister or anyone's race has to do with your letter, because "white, well --off men\".Both a man and a woman need to have a child in their own right, so assuming that like you, neither the sexes can contribute to the dialogue, which in itself is demeaning and gender discrimination.Private clinics in Hobart closed due to reduced demandThis is not a government decision.Taxpayer money is best spent on providing the necessary services to support and help families who are unscheduled to become pregnant, allowing people to make the right decisions not only for themselves, but also for the lives of their children.Babies, women and men in the state of Tasmania should be better than abortion.Despite my rather sharp criticism of Lake Tamar's proposal on Mondayxa0Dick James's apparent appeal to it last week, and he and I share the same view on the Legislative Council and its proper role as a review body.We have seen in the Senate, particularly the split and pro bono grandstanding of the "cross-judge" senators, and it seems to me that this is very obvious because these figures allow them to do so.This, in turn, opens the possibility for the pure opportunistic behavior of the opposition and the Green Party.As a reality check, I think the Legislative Council may look closely at the fate of the South Australian tinofen costume and the results of the Jacqui Lambie Network in our state elections.Further thinking about the fate of the puppy experiment (what a perfect name for that group of people) looking at the state of Palmer's business empire from the side also tells a real story, that is, it is a pity that voters have sold well and truly well-known high-rise homes.If you want Parliament to run like the Rumble in the jungle, a reality showxa0Axa0Do Itformedia, self-Then reward this behavior.Otherwise don't.With extreme disgust and anger, I just read a news about the Tasmanian Aborigines, showing Ross farmers how to use fire to manage native pastures.The news once again reasoned that only indigenous people had the knowledge they neededxa0Carry out such a project.I am the fifth generation of white Australian, and my love for this land, even if it is no bigger than at any time now, is bigger than at any time now.Infer me and all the farm managers and workers in the past 2000-Plus years of not knowing how to use fire as a management tool for a projectxa0The local farmers claim that it is an insult to me and to all the people like me who have been engaged in fire management for more than 60 years.I think such a view is snobbish and ignorant.I don't understand why the current government is building prisons in the northern part of the state.We have a lot of homeless people who need shelter.Forget the criminals and let's focus on the homeless when winter comes.Homeless people do nothing wrong, but suffer every day.This is wrong.Please build accommodation for people who need it instead of criminals who don't deserve it., April 23).We have become a country that accuses the unemployed of not working, not that our elected representative is not creating full employment.Walk to the library next to the stillI was surprised to see the glass panel on the bright green metal plate.What is the skull?Are they going to let us know that none of us are immortal, including members of parliament who agree to a total waste of money?, April 23).I think the Queen's appointment of Prince Harry as the Commonwealth Youth Ambassador is a good example of nepotism.I would like to know what is the criteria for the Queen to choose Prince Harry among the hundreds of millions of young people living in the Commonwealth, especially since most people in the Commonwealth are not white, wealthy or royal.You will even find that most people are women.Now, don't let me start appointing her son as head of the Federation.
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