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stainless steel back How To Paint Stainless Steel Railing

by:Thumbs-Up     2019-08-12
To maintain an elegant look, you will need to paint the stainless steel railings on a regular basis.To draw the railing, you need to follow the following steps: remove the old paint and rust. The first thing you need to do is remove any peeling paint or visible rust that may exist on the metal surface.Here you need to brush along the railing with a steel brush.You should move the brush back and forth quickly while applying pressure to remove all rust and paint.Metal Gear is also a good tool to remove rust.Once the metal railing is completely smooth, you should use the non-A chlorine chemical stripping tower on the railing.With the putty knife, you should scrape off the paint on the surface of the chemical stripper and metal. After doing this, you should use the medium to polish the rounded and curved parts of the railinggrit sandpaper.You should continue to polish before the metal is smooth.Once smooth, you should remove any broken paint or residue with a clean cloth.You should then spray the phosphate on the steel railing to remove any rust that may still be present on the surface.When the acid is mixed with rust, it forms an iron phosphate shell that is easy to remove.To get the ideal result, you should leave the acid overnight and then brush it off with a steel brush the next morning.Before applying the paint, apply the oil first --based primer.To apply the primer, you need to soak the decorative brush in the primer and apply it to the metal surface.You should dry the primer 4-You should paint after 8 hours.You should use an oil.Based on the paint, you should start painting from the top and work down.To get the desired effect, you should apply a thin coat with a brush.You should use quick strokes in your drawing.It is recommended that you wear a second coat;However, you should let the first coat dry for at least four hours before applying the second coat.After applying the second coating, you should let the paint dry for at least 24 hours, and then you can start using the railing.To avoid inhaling toxic paint, you should wear a mask.You should also wear gloves to avoid exposure to paint.
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