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stainless steel back Shearing Stainless Steel

by:Thumbs-Up     2019-08-12
The stainless steel is more malleable and therefore has a greater resistance to fracture.Cutting any type of steel is the result of the material breaking under pressure.Therefore, a greater degree of penetration occurs before the fracture occurs.Therefore, the clearance setting of the blade is important.For the cut thin gauge sheet, the gap is 0.025 to 0.Recommendation 050mm.The characteristic of aoshi steel is its high contentNickel in particular.They are also alloy with chromium, molybdenum, and sometimes with copper, titanium, nb and nitrogen.The addition of nitrogen increases the yield strength of steel.Stainless steel is widely used.Some industries are the chemical industry and the food processing industry.The molybdenum-Free steel is also very good highTemperature Properties, therefore used in furnaces and heat exchangers.Their good impact strength at low temperatures is often used in equipment such as low temperature liquid containers.A tighter gap causes the blade to wear, and a larger gap causes the material being cut to drag too much, resulting in excessive wear and poor cutting of the blade.As the thickness of the material increases, the gap should be increased accordingly and adjusted to best suit the specific equipment being used, which is related to the minimum flipping, Burr height and deformation (bending, twist and bow ).The nominal recommended clearance for this thicker material is: 3CR12 Corrosion Resistant Steel 2.5%. material thicknesferritic/stainless steel month-In order to offset the greater shear force required, the material thickness of 5% may have to increase the holding and holding pressure of the fixture, especially when shear the ferrite grade.By changing the front angle/shear angle, higher power requirements can be met to a certain extent.The front angle of 1 out of 40 is the shear angle of about 1 °.This is the least recommended rake that should be used.The small front angle/shear angle requires a higher power/force, but it will cause less distortion, while the larger front angle/shear angle (for example 1 of 16 or 3) but more pressure is required on the fixture and distortion is increased.The blade must be sharp.The blunt blade adds rolling, burrs height and deformation (bending, twisting, and bending ).Without causing deformation, the moving blade should have the rear clearance/front angle as large as possible.This group of stainless steel dominates the market.The group includes the very common steel of the AISI 304 and the AISI 316, but also the AISI 310 S and ASTM n08904 of higher alloys.
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