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stainless steel back Stainless Steel Chastity Belt for Men

by:Thumbs-Up     2019-08-11
The stainless steel chastity belt for men is a handy toy.This chastity device is actually a belt around the waist, not the usual locking "Trap Ball" device.It may look hot, I admit.He is comfortable to wear as long as I am sure it is correct, even long term, so highly recommended.One of their drawbacks is that they do limit your physical activity.-So if you really enjoy cycling or weight training, or almost any sport, then the belt may not be the best option unless you're willing to keep taking it off and put it on again.There are several parts of the typical belt.There is a ring that wraps around the ball and keeps the sheath in place.The complete penis sheath then covers the penis and keeps it in a position to prevent erection.The ring is attached to the belt, which comfortably wraps around his waist and keeps the whole thing together.It's sexy because he knows he can't touch his penis or testicles or orgasm unless you decide to untie it (or unless he cuts things off, it would be an expensive fit for Pique ).My favorite thing about stainless steel chastity belt is that it is stainless steel.Plastic can sometimes sweat too much and stainless steel is easier to clean.Also, it just looks very hot on a man.This device is also perfect for long term play as the bad boy doesn't have a loose rocking device that makes it painful and difficult to adjust but stays in place.The Y-In my opinion, the version of the shape is the simplest.You insert your penis, circle your ball, wrap your belt around your waist, and lock it.See?Not easy?Make things complicated, right?And a T-The version of the shape is also very interesting, but it is more complex and not very comfortable.The T-The shape of the stainless steel chastity device is very similar to T.However, it does not show the sleeve of the penis in the front, but is firmly fixed inside the device so that the penis is not exposed.The penis is located inside a stainless steel sheath bent towards the anus.Then, if it is possible for the sheath to urinate, the tube is connected to the tip and released through the holes in the anal area.It sounds too complicated?Same for me.That's why I suggest sticking to the Y version.Of course, there is a simple T-version that still has a strap through the leg and an opening in the anus, but the sheath is exposed so you don't have to worry about having a voiding tube behind it.Finally, to add the last little detail, there is an accessory on the front of many belts so you can add a fake penis or strap to it.Unless you have ever had sex with a man who replaced the penis with a fake penis or strap, it is impossible for you to imagine this joy.For women, the body feels almost as good as the "real thing.Anything you lose in that department, you can't make up for enjoying the expression of frustration on your love face.He is having sex with you and can feel everything...Except for one thing he wants to feel...His penis slides in and out of you.I often ask my husband to have sex with me like this and we are now starting to practice a permanent rejection orgasm.His orgasm, so it's not necessary for his penis to penetrate me at all now.If you have to wear a stainless steel chastity belt, I would say go and buy the most comfortable one, because an uncomfortable belt that has never been worn makes no sense, worse than the less secure belt you actually wear.
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