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stainless steel back Stainless Steel Knives - Knife Maker's Dilemma!

by:Thumbs-Up     2019-08-11
Some knife makers or bladesmith enthusiasts consider the stainless steel blade a compromise.Making knives is a hobby that young people and old people can enjoy.Homemade knives are a creative and fun project.A homemade knife can be easily made with an old hand saw or an old round saw blade.The tempered steel will make a delicate old-fashioned knife.This circular saw blade is usually a tool steel with high carbon content.Custom cutters made of high carbon steel are often easier to keep very sharp edges.Imagine creating such a sharp kitchen knife with your own hands that you can slice the tomatoes "too" thin.All you need is your own labor, sweat, tears, and maybe a little blood.It is a patient job to make a delicate homemade knife.It is both an art and a science.A good knife is a very hard work, a dedication to Precision Technology, a need for a person to understand the science of metallurgy, as well as the art of blacksmiths and design.Why not stainless steel alloy?Stainless steel is probably a good choice!There are many stainless steel alloys with different properties that can enhance the custom knife.The biggest reason many custom knife dealers are starting to accept stainless steel alloys is the old problem of rust.If the chromium content of stainless steel is greater than 13%, it is called stainless steel.Still, the ASM Metal Manual says it can only exceed 10%.This difference may mean "free" or chromium available.Carbon and stainless steel are acceptable if properly alloy.High carbon steel is usually forged steel.They can be different temper.This hotel offers more options for knife makers.He can control the hardness of the cutting edge better, and still has a tough knife with elastic back.But...Having said that, please consider some of the more popular stainless steel alloys.The 440 series, especially the FOMC and the Japanese ATS-34 stainless steel alloy.In addition, stainless steel alloys with high vanadium content are more wear-resistant and have better edges, but are often more difficult to process.A knife, for an accomplished knife maker, takes hours for a small knife, and months for other more upscale knives.They are an investment that can last a lifetime.Custom cutters are usually separated from foreign materials used.Knives always exist in one form or another.When you grab the handle of a big knife, the goal is to have that knife as an extension of your arm.Historically, individual knife makers who work alone have made at least as many knives as are now made in all the factories that make knives.Regular sharpening and cleaning of the knife will make it look great, work properly, and life will increase.Whether it's stainless steel, or high carbon, or something in between, making custom knives is a very satisfying thing.
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