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stainless steel back The Stainless Steel Band of the iPhone 4

by:Thumbs-Up     2019-08-11
The IPhone 4 is definitely a beautiful touch-screen phone.It has a tough glass screen finish on the front and back.There is a stainless steel strip between the two durable glass.The band is more than an aesthetic design.It is not only part of the beautiful design;It is also functional.With so many phones on the market today, they will do everything they can to catch your eye.They include a lot of things that are not useful at all in the phone design.In many cases, you may end up buying a phone with a flash but not functioning properly.This is not the case with the phone made by Apple.The steel strap is made of Apple's own alloy, the composition of which is a strictly confidential secret.The way steel is forged makes it five times stronger than conventional steel.In addition to the tough engineered glass that comes with the phone, this stainless steel provides additional durability for the phone.Not only is this steel hard,it is CNC-machined.This simply means that it is perfect and eliminates the flaws of human error.You are sure that all the components are closely integrated with the thinnest smartphone on Earth.Every detail of this component has a purpose.With this strict support, you can be sure that the phone is actually unbreakable.The combination of engineering glass and steel brackets prevents the possibility of damage.This also makes the phone so thin.With this light and thin phone, you will love all the technological innovations of this huge phone.This steel not only provides support for the iPhone 4;This is also the installation point of all functional components of the phone.This phone contains all the sensitive components and provides support and additional protection for them.With all sensitive integrated electronic devices working together, the band plays a role in protecting these components.If you think the band's function is over here, think about it.This steel strip can also be used as an effective antenna for mobile phones.With it you are sure to get a good signal or the best service coverage.As you can see, there is more to this band than meeting the eyes.This is what you got with the stainless steel belt of the iPhone 4.
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