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stainless steel bar Uber-cool kitchen to cry for | Photos

by:Thumbs-Up     2019-07-28

This magnificent FederationThe style home may feel like you are hiding in the bushes, but in fact you are only 15 minutes away from the city center.There is a rural landscape behind each window and no noisy neighbors can be seen, only two hectares or more of the land can be used as you like.Family design focuses on rural life, featuring packagesSurrounded by verandah, there is a bullnose roof that provides a large combination of entertainment and comfortable places to enjoy the view.Inside, this home is designed for entertainment and a busy family life.The huge windows and three huge sunroof provide natural light for the family, creating a quiet and warm space.As for the highlights of this home, it's hard to see why by winning the designer kitchen of the HIA kitchen in 2010.Located in the heart of the city, this kitchen is close to the dining room and two living areas and is a real showPlugs with red cabinets and Staron countertops include a breakfast bar with four seats.Stainless steel and countryof-the-There's even a shortage of art.This modern kitchen features cabinet lighting.Outside the kitchen is a designated dining area, and in turn, the adjoinsaformal living area can be closed with this open other place --Plan the living area.There is a second smaller sitting area on the other side of the kitchen.All three living areas are connected to the balcony, in front of the house, and the balcony has expanded dramatically to form a large secret entertainment area.The house has five bedrooms, four bedrooms and a home office.Large number of buildings included in the Home OfficeSpace on shelves and tables.The master bedroom has access to the balcony and walking distance-In the wardrobe and suite.The remaining three bedrooms are double, with lots of constructionin wardrobes.Although the office, owner and bedroom 2 and 3 are in front of the House, the bedroom 4 is located at the back and is ideal for teenagers.The hallway extends from the front door to the living area with a door that allows you to close any noise from the living room to the front bedroom.The main bathroom offers a spa tub and a shower, and there is a separate toilet and laundry room next to the bathroom.Storage has been planned in this home and you will find the built-in BankIn the closet opposite the bathroom, in the lobby, in the laundry room.Tile floors are laid in all areas with heavy traffic, while the bedrooms and formal lounges are carpeted.The property around the house provides enough space for ponies, sheep or children who are just roaming, while land closer to home has been landscaped.The property is completed with a dam that serves food from seasonal creeks, a gray watering system in the garden, and double garages, workshops, and single car ports.
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