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stainless steel can Your say

by:Thumbs-Up     2019-07-28

It is clear that this consideration is unforeseen when designing Launceston City and other citiesxa0The bus used by public transport now.After a bit of careful study, one can only wonder why such a huge bus is necessary in addition to peak hours, because for most trips, they carry very few passengers, sometimes not even.There are many half-sized bus manufacturers, which will be adequately addressed for most of the time, thereby reducing fuel costs and making it easier to maneuver in the increasing traffic flow, and of course, the initial purchase is cheaper.Isn't this an option to deal with the increasing cost of government?The only answer to the power problem I can see is the use of tidal power.There are several places around the Fino islands where huge water trucks made of stainless steel can be built, and tidal movements will always provide hydro power.There is no coal pollution, no concern about the low water level of the dam, no concern about the damage to the dam.About 10 years ago, there was an idea about using the technology for a swim on the Tamar River, but unfortunately the tides stopped running after six hours, and it was a period of slack, so the wheels stop working at these times.However, the tides have never completely weakened around the Furneaux Islands.They have been running 24/7 in one way or another.KHALIL Giran, one of my favorite writers, said: travel, don't tell anyone, live a real life, don't tell anyone, live happily, don't tell anyone, peopleOur existence is essentially social. we should be able to share, love and tell people something.If we can't go on like this, the world is a sad place.We need warmth, love, kindness, thinking it might be true that people ruin things, so that means we need to rethink what we do to each other?
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