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stainless steel design Designed for life in steel

by:Thumbs-Up     2019-07-27

In the new digital age, businesses are either sinking or swimming when using the latest technology to provide the best service to their customers.There is no difference in the steel manufacturing industry.New Workshopxa0They are allowed to extend to the design and construction areas to provide customers with comprehensive internal services."As we expand, it not only expands our ability to take on bigger jobs, but also expands our chances of how we do them," he said ,"xa0Mark coldoz, head of colmark, said."We are now working with some of our customers on design and constructionxa0Projects will only get busier and busier.Shayne Holmes, who has been working full time for Kolmark since July as a draftsman, was previously contracted to work professionally."This gives customers the opportunity to attract us at the design level," Shayne said ."."We mainly use 3D.xa0Model and then producexa0Onexa0An accurate model of what the final product will look like."With this model and specification, they become 2Dxa0Then, during the manufacturing process, the drawings and these drawings are used in the workshop."We can also provide cutting documents for materialsxa0Cut in advance before they arrive.With the realization of the capacity to undertake larger projects, Kolmark's design and construction department can reach its full potential."Customers like to see how their project will work," Shayne said ."."With CAD, we can make 3Dxa0They have newly installed models that show them how it will work and adapt to their existing infrastructure."Customers can see what they are investing in, what the project is like to complete and install.By providing customers with a comprehensive internal service, Kolmark stands out from the stainless steel manufacturing business."In terms of the industry, Mark is ahead of the game," Shayne said ."."While it is not uncommon for a draftsman to contract large projects, it is rare to provide in-house services."It does bring another dimension to the customer service that Kolmark provides.
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