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stainless steel design Stainless steel deal, 10 jobs saved

by:Thumbs-Up     2019-07-27

A Westbury man has started a major new stainless steel manufacturing project, saving 10 jobs for north Tasman people in the region's industry and promising quality service.Mark Kolodziej, founder of Kolmark stainless steel, learned that Rocherlea-S.-based rival McLaine stainless steel was shut down by CMA Recycling, its former owner.Mr. Kolodziej has bought the company, which will continue trading in the form of mcline stainless steel from Monday, although it will be officially placed under his Kolmark umbrella.CMA rebranding announced that it would close the business by the end of June, firing 10 employees.Mr Kolodziej's speed of action to save the company and its employees will no doubt surprise many of his competitors.Yesterday, the taciturn director of the company was moving into the spacious workshop headquarters of McLaine in Rocherlea."For many years, mcline stainless steel has a premium product range in stainless steel manufacturing in Tasmania state," said Mr Kolodziej ."."I have always respected this place because it is a place to match --There is nothing better than this.They did some great work.amazing work -Now we can continue.Mr. Kolodziej said he had intended to extend Kolmark to the Westbury industrial zone, which had not hired 12 employees until last week."But when I realized that Maclean was closing, I called CMA Recycling to ask for interest," Mr Kolodziej explained ."."I was told they would close it, but send a letter to see if something different would happen.His proposal was accepted Tuesday morning.The acquisition of the company means Kolmark is positioned as a major force in the steel manufacturing industry in North Tasmania state, with 22 employees in two professional workshops.Mr. Kolodziej said the move would allow businesses to bid on larger projects and track major projects from manufacturing to installation and commission."We have received expressions of interest from existing McLean customers," he said ."."The challenge now is to get it up and running as fast as possible so people know the company is safe again.
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