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stainless steel grades Cattle handlers welcome school's new stockyards

by:Thumbs-Up     2019-07-28

Last week, cattle at exeter High School and their keepers officially sent new equipment to the school's farm.President MareePinnington cut theribon on a new set of stainless steel livestock farms and officially opened the new horse riding arena.The $25,000-Spinnington said that pluspproject has received a lot of support from the community.Luo Wen Moffett, the school's agricultural science teacher, is driving the school to upgrade, she said."She's an extraordinary person --Her passion and enthusiasm for the place .""Our focus is on high quality teaching and learning programs, which extend to the farm and provide a real path of care for some of our senior students.Cattle lergabbie Horton, 14, says the new infrastructure will change dramatically."Before we can't practice properly, it just doesn't work out," Gabbie said ." He also gave a speech at the opening ceremony."Now that we have this amazing areas and the amazing cattle farm, we can do more to the cattle --Great."Mrs. Pinnington wanted to thank and thank the volunteer team who helped run the farm.
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