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stainless steel grades what are the latest trends in fastener material for hex ...

by:Thumbs-Up     2019-08-03

Fasteners have a great use in the manufacturing industry.It helps connect different parts of the structure to each other.The most common type of fasteners is hex bolts.It has many advantages over welding connections.The main thing is that we can remove the nuts and bolts so that the structure is separated.We can't do this with welding connections, so welding is preferred when we need a permanent structure. Common industrial fastener bolts are called hex screws or hex screw head bolts.The most common use of this fastener is in the petrochemical industry, food machinery industry and construction industry.The type of bolts depends on the manufacturer and industry of hex nut bolts.We see a lot of materials that make hex bolts.We usually use the following types: alloy steel carbon steel aluminum stainless steel silicon bronze for each material has different properties.Brass is soft for nonApplication.Carbon steel is brittle and alloy steel is good in terms of tension.Steel is a common material used for structures.Common steel and galvanized steel are two common varieties.To prevent corrosion, a zinc or chromium coating is applied to coated steel fasteners.There are four types of steel.One is alloy steel.The others are Grade 2, Grade 5 and grade 8.Most of the hardware is secondary.It has no head Mark and the lowest price.Many fasteners used in manufacturing and construction are of this type.Many people think that stainless steel is harder than steel.Stainless steel is made of carbon and iron.Chromium was added to improve corrosion resistance.Due to the low carbon content in stainless steel, we cannot harden it by heating.Although stainless steel fasteners are harder than unhardened steel, they are softer than hardened steel fasteners.Stainless steel is widely used in various applications due to its long-lasting properties.We use 18-Make stainless steel for hex bolts and nuts.The most types of stainless steel.The 316-Because it has higher corrosion resistance, the grade stainless steel is better.So, it costs more.If you do not have a local hex nut Bolt manufacturer, you can find a reliable and cheap one online.Stainless steel 410 is the third type of steel to make fasteners.Grade 5 is tempered with medium carbon steel.This is widely used in automotive applications.This is 18-8 steel, but not resistant to corrosion of up to 316 steel.The structural bolt is like a hex bolt, but it has a larger head.The most commonly used Bolt to make this type is A 325.Here we see two materials.One is a common finish made of medium carbon steel and the other is hot dip galvanized steel.This is also made of medium carbon steel, but has high corrosion resistance.
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