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stainless steel name plate engraving machine 4 color printing tower -

by:Thumbs-Up     2019-07-31

The latest and most sensible invention in the printing field is the 4-color printing tower.This set off a revolution in the printing industry.The 4-color printing (perfect) machine is actually an ordinary printing cylinder (CIC ).It works with a cylinder design of 20 configurations.This design helps to keep the color registration unchanged throughout the deployment process.This machine will allow you to experience the best results of color printing technology.This is an unprecedented revolutionary technology.It includes pin point registration on both sides of the network, regardless of network tension and pressure speed.The precisely ground and hardened bearer is committed to providing a consistent reference surface for the ideal accuracy of the cylinder die.Another important feature is the pin register system that is completely built into the plate bending device.Thereafter, it is carried through the pin register system built into the board lock-up.This pin register ensures that the board should be in perfect position when installed.In addition, go side registers and weekly motion are prepared for all flat cylinders to achieve the ideal color registration.The narrow gap carpet cartridge provides a larger printing area.The pneumatic control, together with the perfect plate stamping and bending system, ensures the perfect ease and speed of operation.Combination guarantees the highest accuracy of pre-By operation.The unit is modular built in.These are available for different needs.• Pneumatic core shaft.• Auto paster.The 4-color printing tower is equipped with so many magical features that there is no reason why your organization will not accommodate magical machines.
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