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stainless steel name plate engraving machine a detail analysis of unique identification nameplates

by:Thumbs-Up     2019-07-31

The Ministry of Defense (DoD) initiated the project unique identification plan (IUID) in order to improve the asset management plan by uniquely identifying property, equipment, supplies and other operating materials.The only identification nameplate is part of this frame.The purpose of using a unique identification nameplate is to uniquely identify military items on a global scale and to provide better asset accountability and valuation during the life cycle of the item.High density 2-D (ECC 200) data matrix barcode symbol is basically used as a mark in a unique identification nameplate.By connecting strings of specific data elements in the data matrix, unique item identifiers (UII) help to clearly identify individual items from all other items owned by the MoD.These unique identification nameplates are Machine readable and are permanently pasted as labels or marked directly on the part.According to a memorandum from the Ministry of Defense, all tangible personal property and government furniture property owned by contractors issued after January.1. 2004 must have a unique identification nameplate and UII registration.Now, DFARS 252 is a UID complaint for any product.211-Article 7003 of all tenders shall be fulfilled.In addition, the UID nameplate should comply with the mil std 130 code standard.The Ministry of Defense has set targets for unique identification nameplates and markings on each military embedded asset by December 31, 2010.If the project manager determines that the project is a component to be uniquely identified.The item is either a consumable, a controlled inventory, a necessity for the task, a material that needs to be permanently identified, or a material that is continuously managed. The durability of the unique identification nameplate is essential because they must withstand wear and tear from extreme climates.These UID nameplates can be made from a variety of materials such as polyester, stainless steel, aluminum or laser-marked tape.Depending on the type of material used, the unique identification nameplate can be classified as follows.Customized itched UID nameplate: etching provides a lasting effect of wear in any form, especially when epoxy ink is printed into the etching area of a metal or embedded design.Impression on UID nameplate: in order to obtain excellent wear resistance, the stamped dye seal mark is used on the 3d relief on the surface of the unique identification nameplate.Finished aluminum UID nameplate for anodized treatment: compared to natural aluminum, anodized treatment provides a surface that is more difficult to use as a unique identification nameplate.Serialized UID nameplate: serialized or alpha-Numbers related to the machine label, the warranty label provides a unique identifier for each nameplate.Textured, hard coating, custom finish UID nameplates: plastic nameplates coated with hard coating resistant to chemicals provide excellent durability in extreme climate conditions.
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